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I’ve been so excited to decorate this year for the holidays, but you know what?? I can’t decide on an aesthetic!! I’m struggling to take a direction on whether I do a modern, minimal look, classic Christmas or soft and elegant. I was itching to do at least something, so I made these super simple wreaths. They are part natural and part artificial. I used natural rosemary as the main greenery, so they smell amazing and faux berries and flowers.

Here’s what you need:

Macrame/Hoop Rings: I grabbed mine at Walmart, which were the wooden for the more bohemian/natural look, and Amazon has the pretty metal ones.  Get the wooden ones on Amazon too. If you want to use the traditional wreath wires, the dollar store has them!

Floral Tape: I actually grabbed mine at the dollar store, and it was not that sticky, so this one is probably way better to hold everything together.

Wire Cutters: I scored these at the dollar store, yes! You can order them or pop into your local dollar store.

Greens + Flowers: I grabbed some rosemary and oregano for the main green, along with some artificial berries I grabbed at the dollar store, and some artificial flowers I found on sale at Michael’s. Amazon has all of this to order online quick and easy (here’s your Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Tria!!l), or head to Michael’s and have some fun to see what’s on sale. I don’t buy anything unless its super discounted.


To start, make small bunches of greens and flowers, and tape them together in their bunch before putting them on your hoop.

Then, use the tape to put them on the hoop in a spot you like.

Some bunches I did in just greens, some I did larger with berries and flowers. I stacked them to cover most of the tape except for the last piece that I secured with the tape visible on the bottom.

I chose to do a few sizes just for fun. These are great to make before entertaining because they smell good! They do dry out after about a week or so, which I’ll add a picture soon of what mine look like after drying to see the difference.

Here you can see as I was making it and covering the tape with more greens on top. I also used just a bit of twine at the end to secure the tape.

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