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On October 21st at 1:10pm, I joined the mom-of-three club.

Since that day, I’ve graduated from hospital undies. I started putting yoga pants on, rather than pajama pants. I haven’t quite excelled into my new role as mom-of-three yet. Transitioning into life at home with two toddlers and a baby is a process I’m going through, with no real “I’ve got this down!” moments. (Hopefully soon?!) The older boys are loving this new phase in life. They are running around naked and crazy half the time. It’s difficult to dress them with one hand while nursing the baby in the other. As soon as I sit down to nurse, food starts soaring back and forth, laundry baskets get dumped, pillows go flying, and they literally have the time of their lives. Yeah, I’m navigating through the war zone in survival mode, driven by instinct….

Read More over at Tacoma Working Mom! I was so excited when she wanted to collaborate with me, and I am a big fan of her blog! She has a fabulous community site that features great local information, tips on investing, working, parenting and marriage all in one place. I’m really ecstatic to be there, so check out my post and peruse her fabulous site!

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