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If you’re looking for the best breastfeeding tips to boost and increase your milk supply, you’re in the right place.

I’ve breastfed two babies now and I’ve collected all the best breastfeeding advice that I’ve learned on my journey that actually WORK to increase milk supply naturally.

I took all the courses from this breastfeeding expert and what I learned helped me so much.

Basically, I’ve become very versed in breastfeeding and the process of making enough milk to feed my babies.

Mama, I know how stressful it can feel when your milk isn’t coming in or your breast milk supply is not enough to satisfy your baby.

The best advice I can give you is that if you focus on the right healthy breastfeeding foods (yes, that’s a thing) and use the right tools, you can increase your milk supply naturally and have lots left over in storage.

So, let’s deep dive into my best breastfeeding tips for moms who are looking to increase their breast milk supply!

Make Sure to Eat Milk Making Breastfeeding Foods

Healthy breastfeeding nutrition starts with eating the right foods that help you make milk.

I go over all of the foods to include in your breastfeeding diet plan in my post, The 5 Best Foods To Pump Up Your Milk Supply and Lose The Baby Weight – go ahead and read that if you’re looking for healthy milk-making foods.

I also created a specialized breastfeeding diet plan that includes meal plans, healthy recipes filled with the right foods, and shopping lists that helps you establish a healthy milk supply and helps you start losing the extra baby weight too.

You can check out more details here if you’re interested.

Just to let you know, the program is more than a breastfeeding diet.

I’m passionate about helping postpartum moms feel like themselves again so I included my safe after baby workouts that target core and pelvic floor repair.

Think of it as a complete program that will help you gain your fitness back while supporting your breastfeeding and milk supply journey.

If I do say so myself, the program is the most comprehensive postpartum recovery plan out there!

Drink Lactation Protein Shakes and Smoothies to Increase Your Milk Supply

A big secret to boosting your milk supply is to drink a healthy protein shake or smoothie.

They are great to have for breakfast or as a healthy breastfeeding snack when you need it.

The best part is they will help you feel full which means you can begin safely losing the extra baby weight while increasing your milk supply.

This is healthy breastfeeding nutrition at work!

Here’s my fav lactation-boosting protein powder that is completely safe for breastfeeding moms and it tastes good too!

You can feel good about the protein powder I recommended because it’s sweet, clean, and full of nutrients that both mama and baby need.

The powder is specifically formulated to increase your milk supply – it’s been made for breastfeeding mamas!

I can’t tell you how beneficial it is to have it as a part of your breastfeeding meal plan.

My fav part about including lactation protein shakes and smoothies in my everyday meal plans is that I can make them with one hand while I have the baby in the other!

Have Pre-Made, Healthy Breastfeeding Snacks Ready

Hunger while breastfeeding is something I dealt with all the time and I bet you will too.

It seems to come on so fast and I learned that having healthy breastfeeding and lactation snacks ready to go helped with the hunger and made sure I was eating something that would benefit me.

Healthy lactation snacks mean you will not let yourself get so hungry that you grab something unhealthy that really doesn’t do any good for your breastfeeding journey.

By making sure I had snacks on hand, I managed to prevent binge eating! Big win in my books.

What I learned is that if you are feeling hungry, your body is telling you it needs nutrients.

Having nutrient-dense snacks on hand really helps ensure your body has all the nutrients it needs to heal postpartum and produce lots of milk.

Here are some fav lactation snack and treat ideas that you can make:

Spinach Lactation Muffins Recipe

Lactation Cookies from How Sweet It Is

Pumpkin Spice Lactation Cookies from Premeditated Leftovers

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Use Milk Boosting Supplements and Galactagogues

The right herbs, teas, and galactagogues can really help increase your milk supply fast!

Yes, they do help with breastfeeding and milk supply.

It’s why I started using Milk Dust.

I mentioned it above but I’ll dive a little deeper here. Milk Dust is a protein powder that nourishes new moms the right way.

The protein powder helps increase milk supply with galactagogues like Fenugreek, Milk Thistle, and Red Raspberry Leaf.

I also use Mother’s Milk Tea because it’s full of fennel and is caffeine free. Add a healthy sweetener like Stevia to make it taste even better. I also add some milk but you don’t have to.

Try Manually Pumping Your Breast Milk

I used a manual pump and I found it really helped increase my milk supply!

In this post, I talk more about pumping and milk supply sharing all the tips and tricks I used to increase my milk supply fast.

Sometimes I would feed on one side and pump on the other and it really worked!

Here is my fav resource to learn more about pumping.

Try Extra Night Feedings

The secret to successful breastfeeding is supply and demand.

It really is key to increasing your milk supply.

I chose to co-sleep with my baby to make it easier on myself. While you may not love the idea of co-sleeping, I can tell you it is one of my best kept secrets to boosting my milk supply. I let my baby nurse a few times a night and since I was co-sleeping, I was able to get more sleep than if we were sleeping separately.

If anything else, you can do extra feeds and co-sleeping for a short time while you’re building your milk supply and then move back to separate sleeping.

Basically, I recommend doing what makes sense for you and your family but keep in mind extra night feeds while co-sleeping worked like magic to boost my breast milk supply.

I learned the most about on-demand nursing, and how it was actually okay and necessary in this little gem of a resource!

Wrapping Up…

I hope you found some of my breastfeeding tips useful for your own nursing journey.

Ultimately, increasing your milk supply comes down to treating your body well, nourishing yourself properly, and feeding when your baby wants to be fed.

With a few supplements and little tricks, you can get your milk supply to increase naturally!

Let me know in the comments which breastfeeding tip you used!

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