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Want a postpartum workout routine that works? Of course, you do – it’s why you’re here!

After having and recovering from two pregnancies, I know exactly what goes into an after-pregnancy workout routine – meaning I know what moves work and what ones don’t.

The postpartum workouts I am going to recommend will help flatten your tummy and get you into shape.

In this post, I plan to take you through what you need in a post-baby workout, what I do as a postnatal workout, and what I advise you not to do for a postnatal workout.

Here’s What Needs to be Part of Your Postpartum Workout Routine

  1. An ab-focused plan to reconnect your mind-muscle connection
  2. Posture exercises to correct posture issues that develop during pregnancy
  3. Body weight strength work to build strength back safely
  4. Long, slow cardio that helps burn fat

An important thing to understand is that once your baby arrives, your body’s main focus is to heal.

Makes sense right?

It sure does and it will be our job to support our bodies with healthy and healing movement and good nutrition so that you will not only meet your weight loss goals but also heal properly during your postpartum recovery.

With my first baby, I assumed everything would go back to normal and I didn’t even attempt a postpartum workout and, goodness, that was a mistake!

Because I didn’t focus on healthy movement after pregnancy, I didn’t work on strength and I didn’t work on my pelvic floor – these are two very important things!

Your body has been through a lot and is healing but the thing is that your body can have what I like to call healing issues.

Your body needs to regain its strength and that will be the focus of what we cover here in this post.

I am sharing a postpartum workout plan that will help you strengthen your body and lose weight – this is the after-pregnancy workout routine that worked for me and I know it’ll work for you too!


The Best Postpartum Workout Routine and Plan

Let’s deep dive into the best postpartum workout exercises that you can start to incorporate into your daily routine. Remember to go at your own pace and complete as many of these workout moves as you feel.

The best part about this post-baby workout is that all of it can be done from the comfort of your home!

If you do this postpartum workout plan consistently, you’ll start to see results!

15 Squats to Shoulder Press

Compound workouts are a great way to burn more calories in less time.

By using a pair of dumbbells, you can squat down, stand up, and press the dumbbells straight up overhead. Start with three sets of 15, and you will build strength all over!

15 Side Planks

Side planks are really helpful for building core strength after having a baby. Side planks help you pull your abs in from the center and work your obliques too – double win!

15 Glute Bridges

Glute bridges are a great way to build and regain strength in your glutes.

I recommend doing 25 reps (with little or no weight), and then holding for 25 seconds, then right into 25 raises, then holding for 25, then into 25 again. This works your glutes well!

Weighted Walking Lunges

Walking lunges are a great way to get your heart rate up and build some strength back. Do 15 or so on each side.

Push up on Knees

If you do your push-ups on your knees, you will put a lot less pressure on your abs, and if you add some speed to it, you can get your heart rate up while building muscle in your chest.

Jogging in Place or High Knees

Increasing your heart rate in between strength workouts is a great way to burn fat while rebuilding muscle and strength. If you feel up to jogging in place, marching in place, or doing high knees, do 45 seconds in between each strength workout. Keeping your heart rate up, then switching to strength, then back to cardio is called metabolic conditioning, and it works well to build muscle, burn fat, and keep your metabolism going faster the rest of the day!

What to do if You Find it Hard to Workout

Simply getting started with a consistent workout routine during postpartum can be the challenge – it can be so hard to just do it. The other challenge is finding the time to work out.

What I found helpful was having a program to follow so that I didn’t have to think about what to do or when to do it.

When I went searching for programs, I was only finding ones that were PDF printable exercises. And, while that seemed great at the time, I found the printables were all over the house and there was no sense of organization or support.

So, I joined the Ab Rehab Program and Pelvic Floor Restore program which are mostly video workouts that are 10-15 minutes in length and all Pilates-based – they are so fun and perfect for when I want to shake up my postpartum workout routine.

The point I’m making here is that if you have a hard time finding the motivation to follow and stay consistent on an after-baby workout routine, perhaps joining a community-based program is the answer.

I also invested in The Postpartum Cure and it helped me lose the baby weight and meet my health goals even though I was breastfeeding (I didn’t lose my milk supply!)

Check out more details here if that’s something that sounds good to you.

Get a Postpartum Workout App

I love connecting moms to resources that will help support their postpartum recovery.

Check out this app – there are so many workouts that you can do postpartum.

They have a specific section for postpartum workouts and stroller walking, as well as HIIT, strength, machines, and more – there are so many options you will love!

The app is a good resource if you ever find yourself getting bored easily (hey, we all feel that way from time to time!).

This app has some awesome postpartum workouts you can listen to which has been so amazing!

I’ve used it for over a year and LOVED every minute of it.

Okay, that’s a wrap on the best postpartum workout routine for moms who want something easy and that gets results!

Below, you can see the postpartum workout in printable form so that you can keep it with you.

I recommend doing this workout 4-6 times a week but start at the level you feel the most comfortable at.

I hope this helps you get your postnatal workout started and on track.

The postpartum workouts I’ve recommended are easy, but it is the time and energy to make the time that is the hardest part of postnatal workouts – let me know how you do by commenting below!

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