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I had the privilege of helping and welcoming my nephew into the world this last week. I’ve experienced birth myself, but this was the first time I was on the outside, watching a mother wait in pain for her baby to arrive. It was a magical mess of emotions and time. Like entering a dream land, where time in the outside world is completely  stopped until the little bundle arrives.

The most astounding and impacting moments were those when my sister, now a new mother, found an insurmountable  amount of strength to push through fear and pain, and bring her baby into the world. You can truly feel God’s  presence and the Holy Spirit working through the room. The hospital rooms attempt to be cozy and warm, but it’s not until you really sense the baby is almost here, that a new light shines and brings warmth.

“He’s coming, your baby is coming! Push just a little longer, you’re  doing so good!” We coached and counted until he arrived, my wonderful little nephew, on October 14th. I’m so proud  of my sister, and also so excited to welcome her into the messy, joyful world of motherhood.

Then I remeber, crap! I’m next! Due date is tomorrow, and after watching the process first-hand, I’m not as anxious to go through it again 😉



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