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The Safest Prenatal Protein Powders for A Healthy Pregnancy

These protein powders are some of the best for pregnant mamas and growing babies. Protein powder during pregnancy is an awesome way to consume more nutrients for both mama and baby, but choosing a safe prenatal protein powder can be a bit tricky. I also talk about protein powders that are safe for breastfeeding, and the guidelines and products for pregnancy are very similar. I am going to walk you through what makes a safe protein powder, the benefits of prenatal protein powder for pregnancy health and which ones fit the bill on all these terms! I’ve been fortunate to try many of these protein powders, so I can describe to you the taste as well. What Are The Benefits of Prenatal Protein Powders For Pregnant Mamas? Protein is an essential nutrient that pregnant mamas and growing babies need Prenatal protein powders often have added essential nutrients Protein helps pregnant…

How To Stop Gaining Too Much Weight During Pregnancy

Gaining too much weight during pregnancy can happen faster than we realize. If you’ve gained too much weight during pregnancy, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean the whole pregnancy can’t be healthy, or that you can’t turn things around quickly. Believe it or not, you can lose weight while pregnant with the correct diet and fitness program, and completely turn your pregnancy weight gain around. Let’s go over how you can stop gaining too much weight during pregnancy, as well as turn things around going forward. As a mama of three boys, I KNOW what it feels like to gain weight during pregnancy, feel totally sluggish, have no energy and LOVE eating nachos. My first trimester is always the most out of control. I can’t function, I have no energy, I fall asleep in the afternoons, and all I can eat is carbs and cheese. I start gaining weight FAST. Like…