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You don’t want to miss these awesome apps for tracking pregnancy and breastfeeding. As a new mom, you’ve got a lot on your plate so these simple apps can help you try and keep track of it all!


Getting in the modern groove of trying out new apps, are you? Great! There are so many fantastic new apps to explore for tracking pregnancy, baby’s growth, and breastfeeding. Many of them you may recognize from popular pregnancy books, others may be totally new to you, but still may offer some extremely valuable advice and helpful tips. Don’t forget to check out the reviews on some of these apps, as the responses can sometimes share a hidden component within an app that isn’t described in the original description.

Some suggested functions that are a huge help and something to consider when choosing which ones you wish to keep and use, is to find apps with the kick counter, contractions counter, and a weight tracker for you and/or the baby after it’s born.

Ideally, it is recommended to choose at least one pregnancy tracker app that also includes the ability to track Dr. appointments, plus questions and answers you learn from the doctor during your visit.

Awesome Apps for Tracking Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Here are some great options to consider that you can find in the IOS Apple Appstore and most likely in the Google Playstore.

Tracking Your Pregnancy and Baby’s Growth 

  • Sprout Pregnancy: Track Your Baby’s Growth in 3D 
  • The Bump – Pregnancy Countdown: Daily Baby Tracker 
  • Ovia Pregnancy Tracker: Baby Due Date Countdown 
  • Pregnancy+: Your Pregnancy Tracker App 
  • Pregnancy & Baby: Track Your Baby’s Growth (from What to Expect When You’re Expecting) 
  • Pregnancy Tracker – BabyCountdown: Baby Countdown + Pregnancy 
  • Glow: Ovulation, Pregnancy, Baby Countdown 
  • Glow: Period, Fertility Tracker 
  • (Glow) Pregnancy Tracker: Due Date Countdown Calculator 

Helpful Apps for Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Motherhood 

  • Baby Story – Pics Editor: Pregnancy & Baby Milestones 
  • Baby Photos – Pregnancy Pic Memories (Capture Your Baby Milestones) 
  • Glow Baby: Baby & Toddler Log (Includes a breastfeeding and diaper changing timer!) 
  • Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker: Breastfeeding, Sleep, Diaper Changes & More 
  • Baby Shusher Noise Maker – Shusher: Sound Sleeper (automatic baby cry detector, set timer and noise detection level, white noise and the best lullabies) 

Sometimes our bodies need a little extra help after giving birth to our little ones, especially after multiple babies. There are several very useful and informative apps on the market today which are free, or very inexpensive to use that will help postpartum recovery and assist new mothers with regaining their strength and confidence again. 

Pregnancy and Postpartum Health and Fitness Apps 

  • The Snapback: Your Postpartum Assistant (Personalized weekly workouts made for you. A place to track memories and milestones with the baby.) 
  • MamaMend: Postpartum Heal: Your Childbirth Recovery 
  • Diastasis Recti Workouts (Regain your strength and function post-baby) 
  • Little Mother’s Helper: The Mother Love (Self-care resources, holistic evidence-based info to heal and connect, tips on diet, exercise, mental health, and handling the stress of parenthood.) 
  • 30 Day Fit Mommy: A fit mom in 30 days with weight loss tips and challenges, yoga, and other exercises) 

Overall, there are quite a few additional apps out there to consider for tracking pregnancy or breastfeeding, a variety of heart-rate monitor apps and don’t forget the baby name generators, plus many new and helpful apps for pregnancy and early motherhood being released all the time.

Do yourself a favor and take a 30 minute break one afternoon and read up on all the latest helpful apps for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum activities. You may be surprised to discover a whole new world of help – just from using a few apps daily! Some of them are liking having a personal nanny around.

Choose a few of these apps and test them out. Then, come back here to this post and let us know which apps are your “go-to” source for inspiration, tips, postpartum work-outs

Do you know of any other apps for tracking pregnancy and breastfeeding?

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