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Filling the gaps in my mindset, confidence and defined will to achieve my goals as a pregnant mom and breastfeeding mom can be very rewarding. One of my favorite ways to accomplish this is by creating some unique and fun daily journals for both pregnancy and the postpartum journey. Each person’s journey is quite unique and every pregnancy for that matter can be completely different from the last. In my experience, all three of my pregnancies were completely different and yet, notably memorable. Keeping a journal of my discoveries of my own personal habits, food preferences, aches and pains, new developments in the baby as it grew inside my womb, and other interesting facts helped make my pregnancy and postpartum journals a true treasure by the time I was through. 


Designing my personal DIY journal for pregnancy and postpartum has been loads of fun and extremely self-satisfying. First I chose a good notebook, usually one with a solid spine and not a spiral notebook. Next, I found ways to decorate the cover and sometimes the back of the journal with things that are strictly and undeniably ME. This was very important in case anyone in the family forgot who’s journal about pregnancy it really was. Utilizing the various forms of crafting genius that I came up with for my design, I formed a simply beautiful front and back cover, and then began drawing in some cute flowers, vines, hearts and other symbols as design borders on some of the inside pages. My personal touches in the artwork gave me a sense of oneness with the journal and I was ready to start pouring my heart out into this soon-to-be memorabilia of my pregnancy, the baby’s birth, and my postpartum adventures. 


There are many instances in my life where I found myself longing to have my father with me on my journey. He always shared wonderful motivational quotes and bits of encouraging tips and inspirational quotes. Ever since he passed away, I find myself constantly reaching back for those quotes he always shared with me. It was like they were his words of wisdom being passed down even today to help me with whatever I was facing in my life. I highly recommend choosing a wide selection of quotes that really speak to you and place them at the top or bottom of every three pages, or so within your journal. These quotes bring life, healing, wisdom, joy, encouragement, confidence boosts, motivation, and even laughter at times. Use them well and place them throughout your journal to guide you and motivate you to stay on top of your goals and keep striving to be your best self during this pregnancy. 


Next, my goals for eating healthy, drinking lots of water, taking my daily vitamins, exercising lightly and within doctor’s orders were all inputted into my journal. Each day I would think of new things to add to it, including my thoughts, fears, aspirations for the baby’s future, and even my dread of the impending tests, labwork, or day of labor that would soon be upon me. Creating goals for myself to accomplish each day during my pregnancy, or even after the baby was born during my postpartum journey is important to my personal transition from mom-to-be into official full-blown motherhood. 

Boundaries and Limitations 

From the very moment I started to feel my first baby kick and flutter within the womb, I knew I wanted to be a great mom! So, I started setting even more goals and establishing guidelines, boundaries and limitations on myself too. Why was this so important? Because if I didn’t set limitations and boundaries on myself while I had a new child growing inside my womb, my type A personality would have still been a workaholic and kept my body up late hours all night. I might not have given myself a chance to rest when my body needed rest, or given myself the chance to get up and drink water when I needed hydration. These things couldn’t be taken lightly, so by writing them down as goals, limitations or boundaries in my journal, I found myself making sure to keep them and stick to them. 


Creating a DIY journal for the very first time doesn’t have to be anything super fancy, or mind-boggling. The beauty of the whole project is based simply on the act of being myself in the entire process. I write myself some clever questions to ask on various days during my pregnancy, or postpartum journey, and I see how much fun I can have answering them. Now it is your turn to try making a journal. I am sure you will find (just as I did) that there is nothing more glorious than the feeling of finishing something you created with your own two hands. You are a special person and you have GREAT value! You are making a new little human being inside your body right now! YOU are AMAZING! Tell yourself these phrases of affirmation and write them throughout your journal again and again. Remind yourself just how truly SPECIAL you truly are. I know that’s what I’m going to do right now. 

I love a great craft project!  And a DIY journal was one of my most favorite crafts at the beginning of every pregnancy!  If you are not the DIY type then here are a few great options.

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