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Considering the task of carrying and delivering a baby, the third trimester of pregnancy can be an emotional rollercoaster. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of information, this checklist can serve as your personal guide through what to expect during the last 3 months of pregnancy. It covers everything from what you should expect during your doctor visits to what to pack in your hospital bag.


You are winding down and getting close to that milestone finish line of pregnancy! The amazing feeling of getting to hold your precious little one in your arms is almost here! It will come before you know it! But before you get to cross that well-deserved finish line, there are still a few things that are probably a good idea to keep in mind that could pop up along the way during your last three months of pregnancy. 


You’re Ready For This Third Trimester: 

As a pregnant mom, breaking up your love affair with caffeine must have been hard during the first trimester, and learning to stay hydrated and avoid getting leg cramps was probably a bear during the second trimester, but now you will face even more challenging personal choices as you begin to prepare your mind and body for the process of labor and delivery during the last trimester of pregnancy.  Everything you’ve worked so hard for these last two trimesters to help grow and protect your baby growing inside you has led you to this. The final chapter in your pregnancy adventure! 

third trimester

You are officially in your 3rd trimester and with that comes new pains, larger breasts and a much bigger belly as the uterus continues to grow and your baby stretches out your body to the max. Recognizing the symptoms to be on the lookout for during these final 3 months of pregnancy can be super important. We hope you’ll use this checklist to keep a handle on things of importance and feel empowered during your final trimester before the baby is born.

Third Trimester Checklist

  • You’ve made it to weeks 28-40 in your pregnancy and we couldn’t be happier for you – with that in mind why not take a quick moment to pamper yourself as a reward for getting this far
  • Consider scheduling childbirth and breastfeeding classes if you haven’t already to prepare for the coming weeks when you’ll need to know how to handle both the painful twangs of labor and the awkward yet rewarding first moments of breastfeeding
  • You should be able to feel your baby kicking quite often and with less space to move around in, he/she may feel more like a soccer player or dancer in there with some swift karate kicks once in awhile to the uterus for good measure
  • Your body will start becoming more and more fatigued as the last weeks of pregnancy approach and your baby weighs in at more than 4 lbs
  • Try to stay active with walking, gentle aerobics, yoga, and such to keep your body limber and stay ready for the big day
  • Recurring feelings of exhaustion may kick in often, so don’t feel bad taking a power nap for the expecting mom to be to recharge her batteries and be raring to go again 
  • Heartburn can be a real bear during the end of pregnancy with a pressing need to possibly ask your doctor for some H2 blockers like Pepcid or Tagamet to relieve symptoms
  • Braxton Hicks contractions continue to tease as one of the coming signs of nearing labor and delivery – they wax and wane stronger as the last few weeks of the third trimester approach
  • Some of the many symptoms you may be experiencing this last trimester of pregnancy are noticing silver or lavender looking stretch marks along the skin of your abdomen, legs, and breasts – these are stretch marks, or you may possibly develop lower back aches, varicose veins, leaking breasts dripping with colostrum, you may have a sense of clumsiness as your belly throws you off balance and your hormones rage during this time of advanced growth for the baby
  • Additional symptoms you may encounter during the 3rd trimester could be, absentmindedness, accidental urine leaks from your weakening bladder as the baby’s weight presses down upon it, and most likely abdominal aches and pains as your body continues to stretch to its limits making your ligaments test their resolve 
  • Starting at the beginning of your 3rd trimester, you should most likely start having doctor appointments more frequently around every two to four weeks or so depending on whether you are high risk and additional some tests may be performed during this major development time for the baby to reassure doctors of the baby’s health overall  turning out to be in check 
  • During these appointments with your OB-GYN you may get bloodwork done, urine analysis, third trimester ultrasound if needed, and a few other optional tests
  • Beginning around 36 weeks gestation, you should be prompted by your OB-GYN to attend regular weekly doctor visits to keep a close eye on the baby’s growth, and your health in the remaining days and weeks till delivery
  • At some of these doctor visits starting around the last month of pregnancy you will begin to have cervix dilation checks depending on your doctor in order to have a more accurate estimate on the baby’s potential day for delivery

Finish Strong

Becoming a parent is only weeks away for you! Can you feel the anticipation and excitement brewing? Here at Joyful Messes, we applaud your efforts mom and dad to get this far into the pregnancy with a cheerful attitude and a strong will to press forward to keep both mama and baby safe until that fateful day when you hold your little newborn child in your arms Take heart! You are nearly there! Keep practicing those childbirth class instructions and doing your breathing, drink more water, get adequate rest, and take good care of YOU. Your sweet little baby will thank you for it!

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