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So you want to shop for gifts for your friend who recently became a new dad and Christmas is right around the corner.  A gift card seems too basic, but you don’t feel like knitting a pair of Mandalorian socks all by yourself.  It can’t just be a generic box of chocolates, because where’s the holiday magic in that? 

You want this gift to be special, useful, or perhaps even funny.  You are looking for a gift that will stand out from the rest of the wrapping paper tossed across the living room floor.  What do you get for someone during such a unique milestone of their life, especially when it is the most wonderful time of the year?  Below are some generally well-rounded gift ideas put into this handy Christmas Gift Guide for New Dads so you can approach this shopping dilemma from a variety of angles.  If you’re looking for a gift that’s more thoughtful than a pizza, look no further!  

Telescoping Magnet Pick-Up Gadgets Tool 

The first thing I would suggest is this handy tool!  A new dad is probably going to want to put the finishing touches on the baby room.  As the baby gets bigger, new things will be added that might have some assembly required like a larger crib, a rocker, or that fancy electronic toy the grandparents bought for them.  

This unique tool can pick up any uncooperative metal pieces that accidentally fall behind the crib under the car seat or somewhere otherwise inconvenient to reach with your adult-sized arms.  Plus, it has a built-in flashlight!  If that isn’t enough to brighten their Christmas morning then you might want to tell them a few jokes.  At this reasonable price, the Magnetic Pickup Tool is bound to be something your friend never even knew existed! 

christmas gift guide for dads

Baby’s First Christmas Keepsake Photo Ornament

The next thing I would suggest is a memory.  Giving someone a memory is one thing, but giving someone a way to hold onto a memory for decades is what we are going for here!  This tree ornament is designed to hold a picture of the new baby and keep it safe and displayed for years to come.  Plus it gives the new dad the freedom to choose which picture to put in it!

You can also give them a picture of you holding their baby if you can manage that.  Then they will never forget who bought them this cute gift. The Banberry Designs Baby’s First Christmas Keepsake Photo Ornament is sure to be a joy for years to come. 

My First Christmas Romper Jumpsuit

Another fun gift idea for the holidays is an outfit!  Buying clothes for a new dad is as simple as shifting your perspective.  Instead of buying adult-sized clothes, buy baby clothes to give to the new parent!  This jumpsuit will make a great accessory for Christmas photos and is gender-neutral for everyone’s convenience. 

It comes in a variety of sizes, depending on exactly how many months old the baby is.  If you’re feeling generous, consider buying two different sizes so that when the baby grows too big for the first one, they still have another that fits now!  The romper jumpsuit and long-sleeved pajamas are a pretty good deal considering how multifunctional this thing is!

Daddy Pregnancy Announcement Ceramic Mug

For all the coffee and hot cocoa lovers, this is the gift to get!  Maybe it is a simple way for the new dad to show off their pride at work, or maybe it is just another reason to smile while cozying up by the fireplace.  Enjoying cocoa and marshmallows in this mug is exactly what the doctor ordered after putting the baby to sleep. 

This can also be used as a Christmas gift for a future father if the baby hasn’t arrived yet!  Bring your mug too so you can both enjoy a festive beverage together immediately.  This inexpensive ceramic mug will officially promote your friend to daddy, and maybe promote you to BFF!  

Star Wars Baby Bodysuit Onesie & Matching Bib

Finally, perhaps the most thoughtful gift you can get for someone is one that was made a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  This onesie should make the new dad smile every time he sees it!  Just be careful, it might give them some strange ideas for Tiktok!  Plus it comes with a matching bib so the Wookie impressions can continue into snack time!  At such an affordable price, this Star Wars Baby Bodysuit Onesie and matching bib is a greater steal than making the Kessel Run!  Trust me when I say, the Force is strong with this one.

All of the items in this Christmas Gift Guide for New Dads are designed to please any budget, which is ideal for White Elephant gifts if you decide to do that too.  Plus, this variety of choices in gift-giving options for New Dads offers presents that are easy to wrap, inexpensive to buy, and quick to deliver through Amazon! 

If your friend has a pet, maybe buy them some yummy treats too so the whole family has something to look forward to!  Go out there and pick the gift that will further mark this wonderful occasion in your friend’s life. The New Dad will appreciate your efforts to find him just the right gift.

Now you have Christmas gift ideas for a new dad, take a look at our Guide to Christmas Gifts for a New Mom next!

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