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Becoming a Dad is a huge milestone in a young man’s life! The new father-to-be is probably both nervous and ecstatic all at the same time. Learning to navigate the rising waters of financial burden, late night feedings, and diaper changes, providing loving care and support for his spouse or partner and meeting the daily demands at work to provide for his family while silently wishing he could curl up and take a nap due to exhaustion from all those late night walks bouncing the baby to sleep.

Settling into this new position as a father comes with unique and complicated questions for the father-to-be … what should the baby call me? Dad? Father? Daddy? Papa? Pops? Figuring out how to keep some romance or spice in his life with his spouse/partner, but worried about how to support her needs as her body is still recovering and changing after having the new baby can be a challenge.

Although there definitely are some real challenging circumstances at times, being a new dad is one of the best feelings one can ever experience! Knowing you have helped bring a new life into this world and seeing how it resembles you or your spouse/partner can be an exhilarating feeling of pride and joy.

father carrying baby

Help the new father in your life celebrate this momentous occasion this Father’s Day by blessing him with some gifts that are either clever or super helpful. Here’s a list of some fun ideas to consider for the new dad this Father’s Day:

  • A new dad is probably going to be proud of this major milestone in their life and will want everyone to know.  A fun way to do this is by wearing a shirt! Wear it loud, wear it proud! There are lots of cool t-shirt options for entertaining the new father with a pop culture gift from themes such as Star Wars.
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  • A hopeful father might have something special in mind he would want to say to his children in the future. Having the opportunity to leave a legacy through his gift of written words of endearment and wisdom to his children is something any sentimental dad would want to receive. He can start practicing his tender words of guidance to his children now with this unique and thoughtful memory-making gift idea!
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  • One of the great challenges of being a first-time parent is getting sufficient rest.  Listening to soothing soundscape CDs to help you fall asleep, or taking a few minutes to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work by using a massaging pillow might help relieve the stress! 
  • If you’re looking for a gift for someone who just found out they are going to be a first time dad in a few months, then consider the book titled, “Sidekick: A Pregnancy Field Guide for Dudes by Brig Burthold.”
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  • Many new dads may enjoy the opportunity to gather with some fellow new fathers for a day of getting away from it all (this is where planning ahead and arranging a “Dad’s Day Out” with the guys could be just what this new dad is needing to refresh and be ready to continue the high expectations in his role of caring for his recovering partner and precious newborn)
  • A new dad would most likely appreciate a “manly” looking diaper bag in black, navy blue, or gray, or potentially a different style of diaper bag all together such as a “manpack” which is like a guys purse or backpack to carry instead of the typical colorful baby diaper bags most women carry 
  • Providing a gift certificate to his and hers massage for the new dad and his spouse/partner would be a dream come true (along with a trustworthy babysitter standing in for the hour or so while they get their couple’s massage)
  • Sending a gift card to a baby care course to help him feel more confident and impress the new mom to be could be a great resource for him to dive into before or just after the baby’s arrival
  • Custom designing or purchasing gift-worthy products with clever “meme phrases” on a burp cloth, hat, diaper bag, or baby onesie that reflect how “cool” the new dad is and give him pride in being the father to his new little tike
  • How about gifting a customized apron for the new father that happens to have the passion of being a chef or grill master, and can show it off while he’s being a blessing to the new mom and family as he cooks dinner once in a while so the new mom can feed the baby

father carrying baby

Need another fresh idea or two for a gift that most new dads are sure to love? Try taking a spin on Etsy where you’ll find all kinds of amazing and talented artisans designing unique, one-of-a-kind treasures that any new dad is sure to adore! They have everything from “Dadalorian” merch to catchy tagline keychains, to the ultimate gamer collection of t-shirts, mugs, hats, and baby or toddler outfits that spell out such award-worthy dad phrases for the new father to wear proudly with his tiny buddy or princess. 

New fathers and dads-to-be deserve to get blessed with a shower of fun, entertaining and useful products or services that can encourage them to keep up the great work and they learn to embrace their new position as “New Dad”.

What were your favorite gift ideas on the list? Share with us in the comments and feel free to mention any other creative gift ideas for new dads you’d like to share with our readers. Also, don’t forget to share this list with someone you know who cares enough to shower a new dad with gifts that will make him laugh, smile, and cherish his new role as a father to his precious little one.

Now, you are ready for Father’s Day! Check out these Gift Ideas for a New Mom’s First Mother’s Day next!

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