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Crafting the perfect changing station is actually super important. With a new baby, you do a lot of diaper changing. Like a lot. My baby is almost 1 year now, and I am still changing his diaper a lot. With two older toddlers and a baby, it is essential to have everything you need right next to you. My sister is due in a few weeks with her third baby, so I popped over to help her craft her perfect changing station to ensure she’s ready to take on life as a mom of three.

Creating the Perfect Changing Station

First, your diaper choice is very, very important. We both use Huggies®. I recently signed up for a Sam’s Club Membership because they have a super special happening! The Savings Membership level is only $45 dollars, AND you instantly get $45 dollars back if you purchase any 3 participating Huggies® products. Totally worth it because those darn diapers add up each month! I can’t wait to be done with buying diapers, but until then, you can $45 dollars back and opt for the subscription service (no more running out of diapers at midnight!). That’s really the easiest way to go, but you can also use their Pick-Up service, so you don’t even have to get out of the car. Either way, if you join through my link you can get the $45 on your Sam’s Club Membership Card back towards your Huggies diapers. Obviously diapers and wipes are the main players in your perfect changing table, so lets get to the perfect changing table essentials. You can join on or you can join in club! Join online now and get a $5 e-gift card. You can either print it off and take it in-store to be honored, or fill it out online through the link.

An Easy-To-Clean/Wipeable Pad: You will have your changing pad and cover as usual, but adding an additional layer that is easy to clean is super important. Blowouts and mishaps happen all the time. Especially when they start moving and kicking around. You look over at the wipes, and by the time you look back there’s more of a mess than you started with. Having a layer on top of your cover that you can wipe clean will save a lot of laundry loads.

Diaper Rash Cream: You want multiple versions of this. A petroleum-type in addition to a brand that has zinc oxide. That way you can combat various causes of diaper rash with different ingredients. Keep a jar and a tube at the station for every change. Diaper rash can accelerate quickly, so you want your creams on-hand at all times.

Extra Pacifiers or Toys: Newborns especially don’t like to be changed. If you have an extra pacifier or toy at the changing station, you can keep them happier and still. It makes changing go much smoother. I’ve noticed that when the baby was crying I tried to go faster, and the diaper would always end up not on just right, and I’d have a blowout on my hands later. If you don’t use pacifiers, having a special toy they only get to hold while being changed.

Clean Onesies: Most of the time, in the beginning, you are headed to the changing table with a blowout on your hands. It just happens a lot. Keep lots of clean onesies available in your top drawer or near your diapers to make sure you can get the baby clean and fresh easily.

A Dresser as the Table: Dressers work really well for changing tables. The height is good for most people in terms of bending over while changing. Check the height as you are shopping to make sure you are comfortable. You can also hide things in drawers. Things get busy with babies, and it does get hard to keep things organized if they are on an open shelf. I like to put a minimal amount on top, like the diapers, wipes, onesies and pacifiers, then extra items like clothes, extra diapers, trash can bags and anything else inside the top drawer. The less that is out, the cleaner it will look.

Diaper Pale: You need one of these right next to the table. It really helps to be able to toss those dirty diapers into a diaper pale that hides odors. Otherwise they get thrown in the regular trash, or you have to walk them outside every time, and in a sleepless state, that’s not ideal.


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  1. This looks like such a chic changing station! Mine was definitely not that chic. Haha! #client

  2. What changing pad do you recommen for being on a dresser? I’m about to have my third and got rid of the changing table and went with the dresser this time:) I️ love you’re changing pad cover too!

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