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This is an exciting time! Your due date is getting closer and now it is time to pick a theme for your baby shower!  The first question when planning your baby shower theme is whether you are having a boy, a girl, or both, or want to be surprised.  Another thing you will want to consider is if you would like your baby shower theme to match your baby’s nursery decor and theme.  If you have not decided on a theme for your nursery, it is very easy to carry over the one from your baby shower.  


Versatile  Baby Shower Themes


These days, baby showers are more chic and mature than those in the past.  While it used to be all baby rattles and bottles, moms-to-be now choose themes such as boho or tea parties with lots of lace and pretty florals.  In addition to these, there are also country themes with burlap and mason as well as themes focusing on a particular pattern such as chevron or polka dots.  The awesome thing about these themes is the ability to make them gender-neutral or specific depending on your tastes and the gender of the baby.  For example, instead of a tea party, as you would traditionally think of it, the theme could be “Party for a Prince” if you are having a boy.  On your invitations, ask your guests to come help the mom-to-be celebrate the upcoming arrival of her little prince charming.  


Boy Baby Shower Themes


If you want something to celebrate the little man soon to arrive in your life, mustaches became quite popular a few years ago and remain popular today as a cute way. It is quite easy to find decorations, such as candies to top the cupcakes with, online.  Sailboats are another popular theme for a boy’s baby shower.  A sailboat-shaped cake would be an adorable treat to serve!  If neither of these suits your tastes, you could go more untraditional and make it themed to a favorite cartoon movie you hope your baby will love as he gets older.  A good example of this would be Toy Story (™) or The Lion King (™).  How cute would baby Simba cookies be?! 


Girl Baby Shower Themes


If you are having a girl and looking forward to all the tiny, frilly, baby girl items your heart can stand, rainbows, princesses, and unicorns are all great themes for a baby girl shower! You’ll get to indulge in all the pretties your excited mommy heart can handle!  Consider rainbow candies with cotton candy clouds as a treat to serve your guests or cupcakes with little princess tiaras.  A unicorn theme would be very easy to decorate with sparkles and any colors you like!  As popular as all of these have been recently, it is very easy to find party decor in these themes.

rainbow cupcakes

Neutral Baby Shower Themes


If you are waiting until your baby is born to find out the gender or want a more neutral tone, there are so many options it could make your head spin!  The key is to find a theme that you love.  Woodland creatures such as baby hedgehogs, foxes, and owls are excellent for a neutral theme.  Many of the items in these themes come with a variety of background colors from a soft gray to a light teal, yellow, or pink.  There are also many other adorable nature themes such as jungle or ocean scenes and animals.  You can find elephants, monkeys, fish, or whales easily. Other excellent neutral themes are insects such as in Eric Carle’s “Hungry Little Caterpillar,” sky themes such as the moon, stars, sun, or clouds, or, even a combination of the four.   


Twin Baby Shower Themes


All of the above are excellent baby shower themes, but what if you are having one of each?  No worries!  With the way the market on baby items is today, producers are creating more baby items and decor in coordinating colors for both boys and girls!  If there is a specific theme that you love, finding gender-neutral colors or gender-specific coordinating colors is very easy to find.  For example, let’s say you decided you wanted to do a night sky-themed baby shower with the moon and the stars.  These are very neutral for boys and girls and, because of the color palettes they tend to come with, you would easily be able to mix and match them!  Another example would be if you thought you were having a girl and planned a unicorn shower but, surprise!  You are having a girl AND a boy!  Simply make your primary color something neutral and add in dragons for your little boy!


batman fruit platter

captain America shield party platter

What about if you’re having two of a kind? These themes will still serve you well, but don’t squelch the urge to have double themes! While having one theme with a few extras will certainly be easier, having two that complement each other is just as fun and way more interesting. Your two princesses can have different colors or two different Disney princesses and your two princes can have two different cars or two different superheroes — the possibilities are endless! Hey… they’re going to be asked if they are twins for the rest of their lives, so let’s have a little fun at the beginning. Mix it up a little bit!


Finally, there are always the fun gender reveal parties and people have gotten more creative in the last couple of years.  We’ve seen everything from releasing balloons or shooting confetti to having someone shoot a powder cannon inside a trailer so the smoke billows out when it is opened.  Regardless of the theme you choose, the most important thing about the day of your baby shower is that you enjoy the time with your family and friends celebrating the joy of your coming baby. 

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