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You would think, after having three babies now, I would know everything you need and don’t need. But, things change with each baby. I was so excited to try the DockATot because literally, with baby #3, I need to tow him around the whole house. We are never in one place long, and being able to have something easy for me to put him in, that I can maneuver from the kitchen, to the play room, to the living room and to my bedroom is great. He plays in it, sleeps in it and lounges while he watches his brothers wiz by. AND DOCKATOT IS GIVING YOU $10 OFF!! I recommend it if you have more than one baby, and are a co-sleeper like me. A lot of moms have told me that they’ve been thinking about getting one, and I think its worth your money.

We were recently in Florida for a month on vacation, and I didn’t want to pack a small crib or buy one, so I was just having the baby sleep on a day bed. I had to sit next to him while he was sleeping, just in case he decided to roll. I needed the DockATot there, and I am so glad I have it for when we go back down here soon. I have a portable bed I can bring for all of our travels now!

All The Important DockATot Info:

The DockATot is a Eurpoean piece from Sweden, and it is considered a lounger, playtime lounger and co-sleeper. I got the Deluxe size, which is 0-8 months, and there is the Grand for the 9-36 months old. I posted a picture the other day on Instagram of all my boys sleeping together, and it made me so happy I could leave the baby in the bed with the boys because I knew he was safe in his DockATot. Before, I would be stuck in the room making sure one of the other boys didn’t roll on him. Yay for safe co-sleeping! 

What’s unique about this bed, is that there is a mattress below the “walls” that is mesh and breathable. Perfect for my baby because he likes to sleep on his stomach. It’s also 100% cotton, all natural, OEKO-TEX certified and made in Europe.

Before I had the DockATot, I was carting around a red bassinet or his kicky-chair from room to room. Now I can just put this in different places, and its so much easier. I also like that I can put him up on the couch or the bed, so he can lay and play, rather than having him on the floor where his brothers can run by and run him over.

With co-sleeping, we are still getting used to it. The baby sleeps next to me, and transitioning him into the DockATot at night will take some time, but I’m game for it. Naps are working perfect. He’s sleeping well and enjoying it, which is the first step to having him sleep in it at night. So go grab your $10 off coupon! 


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