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Do you and your kids love going to the beach? Do you collect shells and other fun items found washed up in the sand? Do you have some arty, crafty kids? Well, spring is here. What better time to head out for a family beach vacation? Or, if you’re lucky and live near a beach and are on a budget, why not take a day trip to the beach for some fun in the sun? And what better way to capture and remember those great beach memories than creating seashell crafts?

Crafting has so many invaluable benefits. In today’s fast-paced digital world, engaging in hands-on craft projects is a great way to foster creativity, learning, and exploration. In this article, we will walk you through some amazing seashell crafts that are great for kids of all ages. 

TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) – If you don’t have the time or budget to take a trip to the beach, you can purchase several adorable seashell crafts online or head to the dollar store and explore their craft aisle. Purchase some sea shells, stickers, string, paper plates, glue, and paint, and you’re ready to go.

Some easy seashell crafts are seashell necklaces, little fun shell people, seashell ladybugs, a seashell collage in a picture frame or on a paper plate, and seashell ornaments (which make great gifts during the holiday season). Or, if you don’t have time to purchase all of those craft supplies and shells, order a shell crayon mold online and melt some old crayons to create fun, colorful shells. Engaging in crafts helps nurture your children’s artistic talents and is a great way to foster family bonding. 



When it comes to craft supplies, some essential items to pick up from your local craft store are kid-friendly glues (hot glue gun, Elmer glue, glitter glue, etc.), pipe cleaners, paint, air-dry clay, and any fun add-ons like googly eyes, face stickers, glitter paint, and colored craft balls. You can also find most of these items, as well as some of the more particular items like salt dough, shadow box, and air-dry clay, online. Amazon has several great little craft starter kits to choose from. 


Another option for supplies is using items around the house, like toilet paper rolls, soda cans, and rocks from the yard. Encouraging children to reuse and repurpose items instills a sense of environmental responsibility from a young age. By reusing items from around the house or park, children will learn about the importance of sustainability and recycling.

As far as storing supplies, I like to store all of my basic craft supplies in little bins in an easy-access location. Small bins are great for organizing your supplies and favorite shells so you can easily pull them out for a crafty morning. A handy craft cart is another easy way to keep your supplies organized and accessible.

We also love the Martha Stewart stackable wooden boxes. These are also great for storing craft supplies on desks or in closets. Or if you are short on storage space, tossing your supplies in an extra drawer in your office or living room will do the job just as well. Just make sure the supplies stored are safe, which we will go into more detail below. 

starfish shell craft


Safety is essential for most activities involving young children. Shells can have sharp edges, so you’ll want to file those down to protect those little hands. You also want to ensure any glue or paint you use is age-appropriate and non-toxic. The older the child is, the more options you have regarding techniques and supplies. And always make sure when painting or gluing that you’re doing it in a well-ventilated area. I like to do most of our painting-type crafts outside, which is less stressful with the mess. 

Crafts for Younger Kids

Crafting with younger children is not only fun but also educational. Children learn about colors, shapes, patterns, and textures. They also develop skills in following instructions, planning, and problem-solving as they navigate different projects. Moreover, seashell crafting can be an excellent way to introduce topics such as science and history. There are several great seashell craft ideas for younger kids. You can have them paint shells in different colors or create seashell fish, or seashell animals by gluing eyes and pipe cleaners to shells. 

Transform a scallop shell into a ladybug or sea turtle. Make a seashell jellyfish craft by gluing colorful strings to a shell. Who doesn’t love a fun tropical seashell fish craft? Another easy seashell craft idea for younger kids is making a sensory bottle of shells, glitter, and sand. Creating a paper plate seashell craft collage with glue and paint is a super easy and fun project. Or if you’re low on supplies, a fun idea is collecting all your broken old crayons, melting them in a shell mold, and creating crayon seashells. 


Older Kids

If your kids are a little bit older, there are all kinds of fun seashell crafts to do. Crafting provides a safe space for older kids to express themselves and gain confidence in their abilities. They may not jump at the opportunity to sit down with Mom and Dad for craft time, but a little creative break in their routine will go a long way. Try to find crafts they will be interested in, like jewelry or nature scenes; the options are endless. 

Creating a diy seashell necklace is a fun craft to do. You can use supplies from a kid-friendly jewelry-making kit. One easy project is making a seashell pendant. Help by adding a small hole to a decorated shell and weaving a jewelry line through it. Another simple craft is making bracelets with beads and small shells. You can also make seashell candle holders by gluing shells around a candle. Another cute seashell craft is making wind chimes. They can be as complex as you want and they are lots of fun to create. There are lots of great ideas online. You can also purchase a premade kit online or create your own with string and driftwood. 


Teens and Adults

When it comes to teens and adults, seashell crafting can be a relaxing and therapeutic activity. Engaging in creative activities can help relax, reduce stress, and improve moods. Making a watercolor seashell frame or a seashell-encrusted ball is a good idea for more advanced crafts. You can incorporate sea glass and other more intricate beach finds. Creating a large framed mosaic of shells is a unique and beautiful way to make the perfect craft. Making seashell jewelry like necklaces or mermaid earrings is a great way to capture those beach trip memories. You can also find all different kinds of advanced-level jewelry-making kits online. Another fun way to put your shells to good use is creating a seashell terrarium with its own ecosystem. Whatever craft your teen chooses to do, focusing on a creative project helps them unwind and provides a welcome break from screen time and academic pressures.



Another important step in creating the best seashell crafts is preserving and storing them. Whether you want to display some of your large shells in your home or store your collection of seashell crafts to save for gifting, you will want to apply sealant to protect your beach treasures. Sealants are also the perfect way to enhance your shells. 


Whether you’re looking to capture memories of those fun family beach days or just looking for some easy peasy summer crafts, seashells, sea glass, and sand dollars can make some of the perfect seashell crafts. They’re a great craft to do with kids of all ages. They are also a great addition to your home decor, complementing any theme at any time of the year. Crafting with your kids is more than just a hobby; it’s a journey filled with love and laughter.

Crafting fosters learning, creativity, and bonding. It helps children with their self-expression and confidence. Together, you’ll create not only beautiful crafts but also cherished memories that will last a lifetime. We hope this article gave you some great ideas for fun summer crafts. So, roll up your sleeves, gather supplies, and embark on a creative adventure with your family.


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