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Are you looking to decorate your little girl’s bedroom at a low cost? Do you need some great inspiration for toddler girl bedroom ideas? Well, look no further. Whether you have a lot of space to work with or need some functional ideas for small rooms, we’ve listed some of the best ways to decorate your little girl’s room while spending little money. 

A toddler’s room is a special personal space where not only the essential things like sleep happen but also where the fun happens. A kid’s room is a great place to create a colorful and imaginative play area without spending a lot of money. Kids’ rooms are also a perfect place for learning and exploring.

In this article, we walk through all of the ways you can make your child’s bedroom a magical, functional, flexible space that will grow with them from their toddler years to their big kid years. We will also touch on some safety tips so you can rest easy and pop out of your room to grab a cup of coffee.

Toddler girl room

Here Are Some Ideas

There are several ways to decorate your child’s room without spending a ton of money. Adding a simple accent wall, an area rug with bright colors, and ample toy storage is a great way to transform a toddler room into a fun space. Save money in the future by purchasing a toddler bed that converts into a larger bed for those teenage years.

Adding a reading nook with a bean bag and fairy lights is a great focal point. Make some DIY wall art with their favorite characters. And remember those safety steps like securing the chest of drawers to the wall. Adding a little color and organization can go a long way. 

Theme Selection

Ok, so first things first. We recommend starting with deciding on a theme. This is a great first step in the process and an excellent time to include your little one to help with the decision. What are your child’s favorite activities? Do they love going to the beach and making sand castles? What is their favorite movie, show, or book? Do they enjoy dressing up as a police officer or playing doctor with their dolls?

Once you’ve thought through these questions, start narrowing them down and then choose your theme. I like pulling up pictures of children’s bedrooms on the internet and letting my child browse through and point out which rooms she likes. Here are some popular theme ideas to help get you started. 


There are all kinds of jungle-themed bedroom decorations to choose from. A jungle theme is a fun way to learn about all the different animals. Explore different types of plants and trees a jungle may have. Add some fun jungle prints to the walls. Maybe add an amusing jungle animal clock.  Purchase some jungle books to read and help fuel your child’s imagination. 

Jungle theme room


Does your child love going to the beach and spending hours building sand castles? Why not create a fun beach-themed bedroom? You can add a decorative net in the corner of their room to store their stuffies. Add a conch seashell nightlight, pictures of beaches on the walls, and maybe even a beach ball pit. 

Beach theme room


A princess-themed bedroom is probably one of the easiest and most affordable ones to create. There are so many princess-themed decorations, bedding, and pictures to choose from. You can narrow down your choices by selecting a color theme, like pastels, or sticking to your child’s favorite color. You can add a bed canopy with lights, a soft plush pink or purple rug, and affordable princess-themed prints that you can frame and hang on the walls. 

princess-themed bedroom


Do you have an aspiring astronaut? Creating a space-themed bedroom can be so exciting. There are many options for space-themed wall decals, some that are colorful and others that glow in the dark. Add galaxy-themed bedding, curtains, and a rug, and blast off to space. 

space-themed bedroom


Another easy theme to create with tons of options to choose from is unicorns. You can pretty much find anything unicorn. A unicorn night light, bedding, stuffies, rugs, you name it. One of the fun things about unicorns is their rainbow tails. You can add rainbow pictures or decals on the walls. Or how about painting your custom rainbow accent wall? There are tons of options for rainbow-colored curtains, blankets, and rugs. 

unicorn-themed bedroom

Children’s tastes change as they grow older, so using removable wall decals or having a wall that you can decorate with chalkboard paint is a simple way to incorporate temporary art. Maybe your baby girl loves outer space and animals, so why not personalize the theme by making simple DIY wall astronaut animal art?  

You don’t have to be a talented artist to do so. You can purchase blank canvases and stencils from places like Hobby Lobby or order online from Amazon. Pick out some fun paint colors and go for it. Or add a Noah Ark’s wall decal and place planet stickers around it. Get creative and personalize their room. Trust me, they’ll love it, no matter how silly it may seem. 

Furniture and Layout

Choosing new furniture for younger children can be both exciting and stressful. Choosing age-appropriate furniture is very important for safety reasons. Depending on the age of your young child, there are several options for beds. We love our convertible crib bed. It converts from a crib to a toddler bed that sits low for easy access. It then transforms into a full-size bed with a head and footboard. It’s a piece of furniture that will last a long time.

They can be a little more expensive than a basic twin or trundle bed, but you can often find convertible beds at garage sales or gently used ones online. Of course, bunk beds are popular if your child is sharing a room with an older sibling. Just be sure you put in place safety measures to avoid any falls from the top bunk. 

convertible bed

Other furniture ideas include small chairs, bean bags, and a play table. We love our Melissa and Doug play table. It’s the perfect height for a standing toddler. A reading nook is also a fantastic way to encourage learning with comfort. I also took an old kids table and painted it white and two of the chairs pink and purple to make a desk for my daughter.

toddler girls bedroom

Create a small storage space for books and add some oversized soft floor pillows. A reading nook is a fun way to promote reading, something older kids will continue to enjoy. 

reading nook

If you want to add a little space to the room, you can find several storage solutions online that go well with any room design. We love the soft material shelving units you can hang on doors. You don’t necessarily need a toy box taking up space; utilizing the back of the closet or bedroom door is a great space saver. You can also add a cute toy hammock for all those soft toys. It’s a cheap way to free up space while adding some bohemian decor. 

Color scheme

Whether you’re looking for a more minimalist design and want to keep your white walls or if you’re looking to add several different colors to the entire room, there are many routes to choose from! Adding a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color to the entire room is an easy way to freshen things up. Or you can focus on one area and create an accent wall with fun geometric patterns or craft a gallery wall with family photos.

You can keep it simple with light colors, making it easy to paint over and change as they grow up. Depending on your accent project, you may opt for acrylic paint as it’s more durable and water resistant, perfect for lasting longer in a toddler’s bedroom. Whether you go big or small, adding accent colors is a great idea for creating a more vibrant and fun room.


If you’re like me and not big into major painting projects, adding some simple and safe room decor is the perfect solution. There are so many little girl room decor ideas to choose from, like princess-themed wall art, custom name decals, pictures, or large wall stickers of animals or unicorns, you name it.

You can transform the whole room into a magical place without using a bunch of paint or putting holes in the walls. Sticker decals are a great option and don’t cost much. They’re easy to apply and remove, so as your toddler’s favorites change, you don’t have to spend much time or money transforming their room.

Bedroom wall with decal

Decor doesn’t just apply to walls. Playful curtains, lamps, night lights, and rugs add color to the rest of the room. Soft, colorful bedding and throw pillows are great ways to add to your theme. There are so many toddler bedding options to choose from.

Anything from Disney princesses, a favorite show like Bluey, or just some fun unicorns,  there’s something for every child. Bedding is also something that can easily be changed as your children get older.  

Bedroom with lamp and comfy pillows


You can never be too safe regarding children and child-proofing. We all need to remember a huge safety measure: securing furniture to walls to prevent tipping. Toddlers love to climb and explore, and it only takes a split second and they’re on top of the dresser. Toddlers are also curious and love puzzles.

A light socket can be very intriguing, so be sure to cover those with outlet plugs. And then there’s the constant need to put things in their mouths. Make sure furniture and toys are made with non-toxic materials. We’ve used crib rail covers for both kids because, for whatever reason, they loved chewing on their crib.


Crib rail covers


What’s that saying? The days are long, but the years fly by. Well, it’s true. Before you know it, your little girl will ask for a big girl’s room. My daughter is three and a half years old and has already outgrown everything, Elsa. If you decorated your child’s room with the temporary wall decals, purchased convertible furniture, and did so on a budget, well, no worries.

Convert the crib to a ‘big girl’ toddler bed and spiff it up with some toddler bedding. Paint or replace the baby decor and purchase some new wall decals. Replace the area rug and curtains, purge some toys, and organize. Even rearranging the furniture can make a room feel brand new. 

There are many options to choose from regarding kids’ room ideas. When you sit down to plan your kid’s room design, consider the future. Kids grow fast, and their tastes will change. One day, they’re hooked on Mickey Mouse; the next day, it’s all about Barbie. You don’t have to spend much time or money creating a magical and fun room. A fresh coat of paint, a new accent wall, adding shelves, wall decals, and some new bedding are all affordable and simple ways to change a bedroom.

Decorating and designing your little girl’s bedroom is also a fun and creative activity to do with your child. Let her choose her colors or where to put the wall decals; it’ll create a sense of ownership and fulfillment. So go and have some fun decorating while also making some precious memories. 

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