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Won’t it be absolutely fantastic to go on a real adventure for your Baby Moon? (You know, like a honeymoon, only this is a getaway for couples who are now expecting their first child together.)  I mean, you have just discovered how often your body is going to change during this entire pregnancy, right? Plus, who knows how long it will be before you are comfortable leaving your baby for a couple’s getaway.  For your convenience, we have put together some ideas to help you get started with your planning, as well as a few essential things to consider while making preparations for your Babymoon.


When planning your Babymoon, a few things can impact your travel choices and what activities you will prepare.  Keep in mind that along with the excitement of pregnancy often comes morning sickness!  Usually, morning sickness will decrease or even disappear sometime around the third month.  Scheduling your vacation after this time frame might help you have a little more fun and relaxation at your chosen destination.  Remember, most Doctors advise against traveling too far into the pregnancy and, once you reach that third trimester, you are more likely to tire quickly, and you will be growing much faster as your baby grows. 


Now that you know when you would like to travel, and as an expectant mother have considered any potential physical limitations, you can now decide where you would like to go!  Some places may have travel advisories or restrictions so remember to check on those for your top choice destinations before booking.  Not only is there the seemingly never-ending COVID, but other viruses such as the Zika virus or Malaria can cause significant harm to not only you but your baby as well.  Just to cover all your bases, you will want to look into travel insurance.  Verify what your current insurance covers to see if any gaps to fill with additional coverage.  Also, consider the medical care in the areas you are thinking about choosing.  


You now know when you are traveling and what you will want to consider when choosing your destination!  So, how to select where to go, you ask?  Don’t worry; we have got you covered!

Suppose you and your significant other enjoy the outdoors. In that case, a trip to somewhere with beautiful scenery such as Colorado, Washington, or Oregon if you are interested in going to the Western United States might be ideal.  Another area with beautiful sights no matter the time of the year is the Northeast United States in the New England area.  States such as Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine not only have a lot of fascinating history, they also have some fantastic scenic views.  Either choice will leave you with some stunning backgrounds to those Babymoon selfies!


Perhaps you and your significant other prefer something more tropical.  Somewhere you can relax on the sand with your toes dipped into the ocean.  There are many places you can do just that, some of which are popular destinations for vacations of all types. Areas such as the Caribbean, the Florida keys, and Hawaii are all very well known for their beautiful beaches.  If you want to travel a little further, you could consider Fiji, Maldives, or Bora Bora.  (Just remember to check those travel advisories and restrictions!)  

Pregnant couple on beach

Some expecting parents may prefer to stay closer to home, whether due to budget restrictions or simply not wanting to travel far.  Is there a place within driving distance that holds special meaning to you?  Or perhaps there is somewhere nearby that you would like to not only have your Babymoon but also make a regular vacation spot as a family once your baby arrives.  Choosing a resort that has fun activities for both adults and children can be a great destination!  You can take advantage of the adult activities, and perhaps book a couple’s massage at the resort spa followed by a nice dinner out.


If you think this may be your chance to take that trip abroad finally, go for it!  Perhaps you have always wanted to see the Louvre in Paris or take a gondola ride on the waterways of Venice.  Your Babymoon is a great time to make those memories together!  With any international travel that requires long flights, you will want to be sure you get up and stretch your legs frequently.  How fun would it be to bring home a couple of outfits for your baby from overseas!  Not to mention the incredible, authentic food you will get to enjoy!


Perhaps you are not the outdoorsy type and aren’t interested in traveling abroad, but you don’t want to stay too close to home either.  If you think you would prefer something more pampering, there are many places to choose from!  Resorts top-rated for their pampering atmosphere and activities can be found in New York, South Carolina, Arizona, California, and even Texas!  With everything from exceptional culinary programs and yoga classes to spa treatments and serene zen gardens, finding a place to be pampered will not be a challenge!


Regardless of where you go, you will want to remember that this trip may be the last time you can get away as a couple for a while.  Your Babymoon is a time for you as a couple to reconnect, recharge, and relax together – it is okay to be selfish!  Take advantage of the opportunity and make some fun, special memories together.  Try to make this time as calming as possible by planning a flexible itinerary that allows plenty of “me” time.  Have a set of bath bombs you haven’t gotten to use yet?  Bring them along!  That pretty dress that you may not fit into in a few months?  Pack it and wear it out to dinner!  Don’t be afraid to take this time as a couple and relish some time for just the two of you.  Take as many or as few photos as you wish.  Keep your phones on “do not disturb” for as long as you like.  The most important thing is that you come back from your Babymoon feeling rejuvenated and ready for the next part of your new parenthood journey!


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