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It’s no secret moms and bloggers love free items. We are all working hard to raise our kids and offer some sort of financial contribution, which is where free products come in! I love to try a new product, especially when it turns out that I love it. You don’t have to be a blogger to receive complimentary items.

How I Got My First Viral Pin

There’s a site called Influenster, and you don’t have to be a blogger to sign up. It’s mainly for people who have social impact of all ranges. You can be a mom with lots of Facebook friends and Instagram followers, or a newbie blogger working hard to extend your reach. What I love about this place is there is a product for everyone.

I signed up just a week ago, so I am working on getting enough badges to receive items to review. Getting a badge is so simple! You just review products you already use and connect your social media accounts.

Let’s Start Your Blog and Make Money Now By Doing What I Should’ve Done

Why Influenster is Great:

Influenster allows you to review the products you already use and love. They have a huge database of products available, and when you sign up, you go through a quick survey where they ask you about the brands you use for beauty, skin care, groceries and more. When you do your reviews, you get 5 points per review, the goal is to get to a Voxbox! Voxbox is a big box of products that come your way. Just search the hashtag, #voxbox on Instagram, and you’ll see what I mean. You can also search the hashtag #influencer to get an idea of the products people receive to review. Once you are active for a while, you will get invited to join a campaign of some kind or receive a voxbox, depending on how active you are and your reach with your social media channels and blog.

You can also do all of this FROM YOUR PHONE! Just download the app, fill out your profile and start reviewing and gaining points.

The best way to get invited to receive a Voxbox or join a campaign is to be active with reviews and questions every day. Influenster only invites active members of the community to receive items, but its not that hard to be active! I am doing around 10 reviews each day, answering a few questions depending on what questions are being asked and keeping my eyes on the items and articles that are trending. Its honestly something you can do from anywhere and in between things or while nursing the baby.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing me review some products here soon. I personally love to try something new, and you can always count on me to be honest with what I really think!

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