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After delivery is such a special time with a new baby. I am now 9 Months postpartum with my third baby, so I’ve been through the recovery process a few times now. I’ve also nursed three different babies. I get a lot of traffic and questions concerning what to eat for increasing milk supply, losing the baby weight and recovering from giving birth. There’s so much going on, I thought it would be helpful if I created a meal plan that is specifically designed for recovery and milk production to get you through your first day postpartum.

All of these foods have a purpose. They are either super milk boosting, or they have healing benefits and nutrients for your body. I came up with this plan, so you don’t have to do much thinking or preparation on your first full day with your new baby!

First-Day After Birth Meal Plan to For Milk Supply and Recovery

This is your first full day after delivering your baby! Here are some great meal options that I love, and found on Pinterest, as well as some recovery tips to encourage your body to repair and rest.


Breakfast (or first meal depending on what time you had your baby!!):

Oatmeal with blueberries (or your favorite berry) and poor some almond milk in it. Almond milk is huge for calcium and vitamins, oatmeal is amazing for milk supply and the blueberries are going to help your body heal from delivery.

I also highly recommend a Milk Dust smoothie right after birth.

In my years of helping mamas lose weight while breastfeeding, there was a protein powder missing that was specifically designed for breastfeeding mamas to combat these sugar cravings and fully nourish mamas. I am a firm believer in nutrition for milk supply, so I created Milk Dust. Milk Dust is literally your best friend for lactation and weight loss. It has a milk-boosting herb blend, plenty of protein, sugar-craving-busting herbs like Tumeric, Cinnamon Bark Root and minerals like Chromium which have all been used to balance blood sugar. In addition to all these fabulous items. I hand-picked specific vitamins like Folate (L-Methylfolate) because folate is still important during lactation! Almost just as important as in pregnancy. I also hand-picked vitamin B12 for energy, and super foods like Chlorella, Spirulina, Spinach, Blueberries and more. The protein powder is free of soy, gluten, dairy and corn. It is NON-GMO, Vegan and plant-based!! I highly recommend you check it out if you are craving sugar. It is only sweetened with Stevia, Monk Fruit and Organic Cane Juice, which means there is very little sugar, but it is very sweet, so you still get to drink something like a milkshake!

There is no other clean, super nutrient-dense protein powders that are specifically made for postpartum healing, nourishment, lactation and weight loss. It will be out May 2019, and there are limited quantities, so I highly recommend you jump on the pre-sale list. There are thousands of mamas waiting for this to launch, and I am so excited to finally have a product that helps mamas nourish themselves while also losing weight.

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Oatmeal might not be enough for you, especially considering your delivery could have been hours, you may have been throwing up, you might have been on medication, so you couldn’t eat. If you are STARVING, which is totally understandable add this with your oatmeal:
Two Ingredient Pancakes by Top With Cinnamon These are so easy to make because it’s basically just eggs and bananas. I am deliberately choosing this because the pancakes are full of protein, rather than flour or even nut flour. This is important because you just had a big carb, oatmeal, and we want to make sure your body is getting protein too.
Drink either your Uspring Milkflow  or a great nursing tea and take a postnatal vitamin with breakfast. We want to give your body as many nutrients as possible to produce the Colostrum if you are nursing.

Not a fan of oatmeal? Try these recipes to have ready for delivery!

Snack: Your probably going to be hungry soon after breakfast. Giving birth is hard, hard work!!

You can have a Boobie Bar or make these super simple, home made protein snack bars that are full of nutrients for healing and milk production.
These are the Three Ingredient, No-Bake Protein Bars from The Big Mans World. These are amazing, super easy and the best for a quick and healthy treat.
I recommend this protein powder, which is super clean and great for new mamas. You can read more about it, and you don’t have to worry about chemicals!

Lunch: I’m sure you’re hungry for lunch just a couple hours after your snack! Hello breastfeeding/exhausted appetite setting in!

Carrot soup is one of my top choices for you because its super delicious and the beta-carotene is so important for milk production! Make this recipe, or find one you like.
Apple. Make sure you eat a full apple. They are so good for you!
Small Salad with Spinach. check out these 15 Spinach Salad Recipes or you can try my Postpartum Miracle Salad that works great for me.

Snack: Don’t be surprised if you are hungry again soon! Here’s some snack ideas for you, and you’ll want to drink some more of your Upspring Tea or a nursing tea now too!

Snack Ideas: 
– Banana and peanut butter with a glass of chocolate almond milk
– Carrots and dip with cheese and crackers. These crackers are super healthy
– Hummus with red peppers, crackers and carrots. You need to read this post to see how important chickpeas (which make hummus) are to your recovery.
Craving sugar by now too? know I was! I love a good healthy ice cream like Arctic Zero or Halo Top, If you’re not feeling something cold (I like these because I could eat them right out of the carton!) try some healthy hot chocolate and whipped cream or some great lactation cookies! There are these new Milkbliss goodies that look fabulous, but I haven’t tried yet, or You can buy a mix to make, or try this recipe for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies. 
Make sure to let yourself get some sugar in. You’re body needs it, and you are tired and the ways above are healthy treats to give your body the sugar it needs, while also offering healthy nutrients for recovery.

Dinner: You’ve made it almost a full day with your new little one! I hope you’ve snoozed a bit while you could! Here’s what I have planned for dinner!

Chicken and Barley Soup. I found this recipe and knew it would be amazing and comforting post delivery. It has so many fabulous nutrients in it for your breastfeeding body, and it will encourage you to relax and rest.

Not a fan of chicken soup? Don’t worry, here are three other options for you:

Almond Lemon Crusted Fish with Spinach

Chicken Breast with Mushroom Sauce (read here how important Mushrooms are for healing!!)

Parmesan Crusted Chicken Tenders and Parmesan Spinach cakes (please eat your spinach its so important!) with Sweet potato Fritters 

Dessert: Feel free to eat one of the lactation cookies again, or make a lactation cookie ice cream sandwich with a healthy ice cream! Here’s a cookie ice scream sandwhich recipe that is healthier and delicious you can do if you or someone can do some baking! I didn’t feel like baking at all, so I munched on these cookies for nursing mamas from a bag 🙂

I really hope this helps guide you on your first day as a new mom. Whether its your first or your fourth baby, its super important to choose foods that will encourage your body to produce milk and heal from delivery!

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