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Working out with a toddler is interesting, but you can still get in an effective calorie burn if you do the right moves and make it fun. PLUS, toddlers act as a nice weight, and they seem to like being lifted and thrown around! Babies lay around more, which makes it easier to workout next to them, while toddlers add to the challenge by adding more weight, which is how I do this workout.

I have to tell you about the yoga mat I am using from Yellow Will Yoga. This yoga mat doubles as a towel!! It is a blend of silky soft fabric, made from recycled plastic bottles & 100 % biodegradable. It is MACHINE WASHABLE!! Can you believe that?? It is also absorbs like a towel, so you are seriously good to go for any workout you use it for. They offered to send me one to try, and I am IN LOVE! Plus, how perfect is this palm tree pattern? It is called the Frond. 

Let me know if you want more details. Seriously the best mat ever! Okay, let’s get into the workout!

Fit Mommy and Toddler Workout for a Fast Calorie Burn:

Repeat this circuit three times to really get your calorie burn in. Hopefully your toddler will be gigging like mine was!

20 Weighted Bridges with Toddler

20 – 30 lifts, depending how heavy your toddler is! 

High Five Squats: My little guy LOVES these!! Squat down and hold for 20 high fives. 

20 Walkouts: Stand up, then walk yourself into a push-up position over baby. Do 1 push up, then walk yourself back up. 

20 Toddler Swings: I basically swing him like a kettle bell. Swing them under your legs and all the way up above your head like the pictures below:

20 Weighted Bend Overs: I’m not sure what to call these, but hold your baby and hinge at the hip, bend over keeping your back straight. This works the back of your legs and butt! 

20 Each Leg Single Leg Lifts: Similar to above, but not weight. Put your toddler down, and balance on one leg, lifting the other straight out. It is hard, and works the back of your legs really well! 

Try to keep your back straight. Mine arched, and it should be straighter. 

20 Weighted Squats: Throw your toddler over your back and start squating!


Plank High Fives: Do 20 on each arm. DON’T DO THIS IF YOU HAVE DIASTASIS RECTI or you think you might. Skip this one. I don’t want your abs falling out. 

And there you have a quick, but super effective workout you can do with a toddler. Their attention span isn’t so long, so I’ve learned that is about as many moves as I can do. And by three times, he usually goes off to play a little, then come back. It is better than nothing, especially on the days when you can’t get them to do anything on their own!


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