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As a MAC makeup artist, I loved putting all-out glam looks on customers. Wedding makeup was also super fun, and I wish I had enough time in the world to be a makeup artist on the weekends. As much as I love makeup and playing with it on other people, I don’t actually wear that much myself. I just don’t have time. At the MAC counter, we were supposed to wear 10 items on our face as a method to sell more product. That was always really hard for me to achieve.

As the years have gone by, and my little, warrior-painting (see my Instagram) boys have dramatically reduced my time for makeup, and expensive makeup at that. They seriously destroy my brushes, break my powders and dry out my mascaras. So, I stick to Target and Amazon to grab the goodies that I like! So, I dumped out my makeup bag to walk you through what’s in it, and how I do my makeup in literally 5 minutes.

5-Minute Makeup for Moms

Let’s start with foundation. I have had my foundation for over four years, and I’ve used maybe 1/16th of it. Literally. I use a very minimal amount of foundation under my eyes, down the sides of my nose and around my eye lids. That’s my first step. Those are the areas I have the most discoloration because I have very thin skin around the eye-orbital, leaving a redness. Dark circles from just life and genes also. So, I start by smoothing all that out. That’s your first step. Rather than doing concealer, highlighter and then foundation…just go straight to the foundation. Foundations usually have a great coverage, and you don’t always need concealer and foundation together. The beauty industry just tries to sell you on that.

Minimize dark circles and redness by blending light foundation in those areas. 

Next, not pictured in my bag because it was in my bathroom, but I have it above is also a powder foundation. If you minimally spot check with foundation liquid foundation, just take a light, powder foundation to blend it all out, so you even your whole skin tone. A powder foundation will smooth your skin over, blend where you put your foundation and leave a nice, smooth skin-tone. I specifically have Maybelline FIT because I like the product for the price point. It is actually great, wears well for me, and it has lasted a very long time!


After you foundation and smooth your skin, you want to contour with a good bronzer! Everyone can use a good cheek bone. It actually makes you look more awake if you accentuate your cheeks. Run the bronzer with an angled-face brush just below your cheek bone to accentuate the bone. Then, run the bronzer over your forehead and down the sides of your hairline. Do a quick sweep under your chin and down your neck a bit. That’s really it! This will make you look wide awake already! Your eyes are brightened and cheeks popping, and once you do this a couple times, it will really take just a couple minutes. I do it one-handed all the time. My bonzer is Ellen Tracy, which I picked up at Marshalls. They often have some great makeup there for great prices!

Okay, Mascara is the last step! Your about to five minutes now, and you can’t go without mascara! I have used the L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara for about 10 years now. I mean I love this stuff, but there’s one trick. When you get a new tube, its really wet. I let the brush dry out a bit before applying. Then it coats each lash, rather than sticking them together. Don’t forget to do that if you have a very wet mascara. Also, don’t get carbon black. It just doesn’t go on as nice as regular black. So, this is your last step, and you can walk out the door feeling like you got a chance to put yourself together, without contouring your face into someone else.

Other Items In My Makeup Bag:

Smile Brilliant trays. I’ve loving my Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit! I’m about half-way through the whitening process, and it’s really nice because you create molds, and you get custom-fitted clear retainers to wear with the gel! Yes!

Lip Gloss. I pretend I wear it by keeping it in my makeup bag. I rarely actually put it on, but I think its preatty.

Dry Shampoo. I don’t get a chance to wash my hair much, so I keep a small, travel-size with me.

Eye Shadow. I love eye shadows. I always end up buying a full palette like the one in the picture, but I only wear three colors. If I put on eye shadow, my makeup probably takes 10 minutes. I always do a lid color, crease color and highlight the brow bone if I do.




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