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This is probably, absolutely no surprise to anyone that I am doing a gift list for the Starbucks lover. I mean, literally almost all my photos have a Starbucks cup in them, and I find any reason to go there every time I get in the car. If I’m late, that’s why. Totally worth it. Everything else comes after your favorite coffee right? I am especially addicted during the holiday season because I love eggnog. It is so good to me, and so good in my coffee. Yumm! So, I have compiled a list of beautiful and fun items you can buy me the Starbucks lover in your life.

Starbucks Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Traveler Tumbler 

Starbucks coffee mug

Starbucks Red Ombre Sequin Venti 24 oz Cold Cup

Starbucks Venti tumbler

Starbucks Gold Coffee Mug

Gold Starbucks Coffee Mug


Womens Classic Logo Shirt 

Starbucks cotton tshirt


this post may contain affiliate links

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  1. So pretty, I don’t have anyone on my list who would love these… Except myself haha . Oops! Nice post !

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