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Whether your idea of adventure takes you to grandma’s for a visit or camping at the beach, the Guava Family has travel solutions for you! Their products are designed to help you travel with a baby. Life might look a little different these days with a baby in tow but that doesn’t mean your adventurous spirit has to be put on hold.

A portable crib that you can wear as a backpack through the airport and a stroller meant to take you and baby wherever you want to go are part of their travel solutions to help you navigate that big wide world.

baby with quokka, travel with baby

We lived in Australia when I had my first baby and we used products very similar to take our son on 36 flights in his first two years of life! We decided that we wanted to take advantage of seeing that beautiful part of the world and our son got to see some amazing things like kangaroos all around our cabin at dinner time, adorable quokkas on Rottnest Island, and the gorgeous blue waters of Perth.


The Roam stroller from Guava Family is a terrific everyday stroller, but where it excels is its travel ability. We had a similar style stroller when we lived in Australia, its foldability is key and a great travel bag makes it easy to protect your investment in this key piece of equipment. (Airport luggage handler) It was our lifeline to have a sturdy, easily folding, and maneuverable transport for our baby boy.  This allowed us to see many places in that beautiful part of the world with our under-two-year-old.

guava family roam stroller for travel

A great stroller allows for baby to travel comfortably through airports and subway stations, or go with you for a jog around town. Guava Family has designed a great product that has 3D fold technology which allows it to fold up easily and be smaller than other strollers.  A stroller of this quality is something you will not need to replace and will last through one if not more children.

Many people choose to travel with a lightweight umbrella stroller, we found this to be a poor choice for us.  We found we enjoyed our travel much better when we had our full-sized stroller for the job.  When traveling you often don’t always encounter only smooth surfaces but might find some uneven surfaces or even rough terrain that an umbrella stroller just can’t handle.

Dad with roam stroller

While this great travel stroller may be on the pricier side, it has so many great design features like a large sun canopy, an adjustable handlebar, a lightweight stroller frame, and easy fold.  It is simply the best option for everyday use and that means every day, like on vacation too! It is a terrific option for Disney World, which is notorious for needing a good set of wheels to cart around those tired kiddos.

Travel Bag and Accessories

It’s a whole travel system that has great accessories for parents to protect babies from the weather. These include a cup holder parent organizer, snack and drink tray, footmuff, weather and rain cover, and car seat adapters for that itty bitty infant stage. And of course their travel bag for it.  The travel bag is perfect to protect it and allows you to gate check it, meaning you can use it through the airport right until you board your flight.

guava family roam stroller travel bag

The travel bag has rubber-enforced corners, a pull handle, wheels, and even two shoulder straps to wear as a backpack strap when rolling is not an option.  Just put the bag in the storage compartment of the stroller until it’s time to one hand fold it up and pack it away.  Also, the wheels are airless which means no packing an air pump (which we used to do!) Or worrying about getting flat.

bags piled up at airport

We always found the biggest challenge of air travel is getting from the car to the plane and then from the plane to the car (or other transport) on the other end. The Roam Stroller makes that task a breeze.  Of course, baby-wearing is always an option but some of the distances needed to be covered are immense – have you seen the size of airports these days? – and it can be much easier to push a baby (and a carry-on back underneath in the storage space) around!

Travel Crib/Bassinet

guava family lotus crib

The next key piece of baby travel equipment is a portable crib.  These go by all different names: porta-crib, pack ‘n play, playpen, play yard, etc. But the basic premise is the same, a foldable safe space for babies to nap, play, be kept away from hazards, and sleep at night.  The Lotus travel crib is a great option for this need.  It folds up small and lightweight into its bag that can be worn as a backpack and checked at the airport.  It is always nice to have a portable crib that your baby is familiar with and you can bring with you wherever you go so they sleep better in it.  Guava Family has done a great job designing a safe and easy-to-set-up space for babies.  I love this crib, and they also have it with a bassinet/crib combo that will allow it to grow with your baby and your needs. How awesome is that?!

If you are new parents and have the itch to get out and about with your new munchkin, look into Guava Family products to help you get your new adventures started!  The best part is you can try their products for 60 60-day risk-free trial, if you are not satisfied with their performance, you can return them. That tells you just how confident they are that you will love their products and makes them a top pick. Their customer service is terrific if you have any questions or problems. I’m so happy to share these products especially the Roam stroller, the best travel stroller I have seen in a long time!

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