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The Holidays are so magical when you have little children. Old movies take on a new light. Simple games, decorations, and songs bring a sense of peace and joy. We’re learning the words to Rudolph right now, and it’s amazing what learning a song does for a little mind. It can also be stressful for moms to put everything together. Get the tree. Put up the decorations. Shop for all the presents. Hide the presents. Re-decorate when the decorations get destroyed. Find a piece of ornament in a child’s mouth….it can be a whirlwind, but I have a fun post that is just for us.

These are must-buy items for moms. They aren’t too expensive, and I know at least one of them you will love and bring some sparkle to your holiday soul!

Here’s 5 Little Things Holiday List: Mom Edition

stocksnap_nyqim2fo7sMilk Frother: You don’t know how this will change your coffee. Maybe you are used to it black. Maybe it’s been re-warmed a few times and left in the microwave. These things will change your mornings. The sound is now music to my ears. It drowns out the crying and whining, and somehow Micheal Buble is subtly serenading you in the background….almost. In reality, your regular coffee is transformed into your latte art. It works on any milk. Your best frothers are non-fat or almond milk in my opinion, but go for what you like. And it’s so easy. I found this one on Amazon. It’s affordable and cool and it doesn’t take up a lot of counter space.

imageservice Pajamas: You need a cute and comfy pair of pajamas, so you never have to get dressed and you always look festive. I found a super-cure pair at Costco, and I got two pairs! I love them. I make myself change out of them to work out, then I shower and put on normal clothes for about 10 minutes just to say I did. Then I get right back in them. I will probably throw the shirt on with some jeans and boots and pretend it’s supposed to be worn out of the house. What’s even better, is you don’t have to order and wait. You can run to your nearest Costco, raid all the snack spots, and pick up the pajamas. It’s a win-win.


A Great Hat: The mornings move particularly fast during the Holiday season. You wake up and start running. Before you know it, it’s sometime in the afternoon, you are trying to get the kids down for their nap, and you realize you never brushed your teeth. A cute hat is fabulous. I found a couple I love when I don’t have time to pull it together, but I want to look like I did. This one is so comfortable! And it makes everything look like you’re having a glorious day. If you want something more sporty, I LOVE this hat.

coffee mug with motivational quoteA Beautiful Mug: Oh my goodness, this mug is a FAV! Seriously?! So adorable.  I love to start my day with inspirational quotes and there is no better place to put them than on your coffee mug.  Worth it. Imagine how pretty you’ll feel with your new frothy milk and latte art in this mug.

51116081Fur (faux) is Fancy: Get yourself some fur! You can jazz up any outfit with a fur vest, or this fabulous fur infinity scarf from Amazon! I love it. I’m getting it. I already have three fur vests, and this is on my next purchase list. You really can’t go wrong with an infinity scarf combined with fur! Seriously fabulous and fancy. Once I get mine, I’m pretty sure you’ll never see me without it. I could probably use it as a nursing cover right?!

Moms, we spend so much time running around decorating, cooking, and buying for everyone else. Next time you are shopping, grab yourself a little something to lift your holiday spirits too. In the season of giving, give a little to yourself, so you have more to give to others!

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