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Coffee is seriously one of the most important relationships I have right now as a busy mom of three boys. As soon as I wake up, coffee is on my mind. My day starts with coffee and my mid-afternoons continue with a little more coffee. Coffee can be considered a vice because of the extra caffeine boost, but there are many health benefits to drinking coffee according to science.

Lately I’ve been choosing Peet’s Coffee Big Bang™ and Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend® from Publix for my morning cup. Peet’s sources the finest beans from across the globe, chosen for their quality, and roasted by hand in small batches. Peet’s hand-delivers their coffee to grocery stores to ensure you get the freshest, roasted cup of coffee every time. The fresher the coffee, the richer the cup. We love getting ours at Publix!

Peet’s Big Bang coffee is a special blend created to celebrate Alfred Peet and the 50th anniversary of Peet’s Coffee. It is a smooth, exotic taste made from Ethiopian Super Natural. I grab it at Publix, then use my milk frother to make sure I get a nice, creamy milk to go with it. 

Some have described Alfred Peet as the “big bang” of craft coffee – the one who started it all. Like Mr. Peet’s pioneering dark roasts, medium roasts have the same level of great taste! I learned that medium roasts don’t have to be middle of the road. From nutty, chocolatey blends to bright, sweet roasts, Peet’s achieves nuanced depth and vibrant notes that can’t be found anywhere else. Nothing compares to Peet’s!

You are increasing your lifespan:

According to Harvard Health, drinking around 3-4 cups per day can help you live longer. And this isn’t a study of just a few people. There was a study of around half-a-million British adults, where coffee drinkers were found to have a slightly lower risk of death over a 10-year follow-up period than non-coffee drinkers. Sure, it might be slightly, but for moms, we want to live as long and happy to see our kids grow and have more kids! 

Help you recover from workouts:

I was really happy to see this one because I find myself quite sore often, and it is really hard to haul little ones around when you can barely walk on sore legs. I struggle with motivation to push hard during my workouts because I don’t want to be in pain for days and still have to carry my toddler. But, two cups of coffee can help reduce soreness after a workout. 

Coffee boosts your brain:

Seriously, coffee is the antidote to mom brain. The caffeine in particular is a stimulant that boosts your brain into action. In addition to that, you also get a vitamin and antioxidant boost. Vitamin B5 is one of the vitamins that isare particularly good for red blood cells, along with some other awesome vitamins. And get this, coffee has been linked to a reduce chance of cognitive disorders later in life. “A recent meta-analysis of nine prospective cohort studies in 34,282 older adults reported an 18% reduced risk of cognitive disorders with 1 to 2 cups/day of coffee compared to <1 cup/day (34). “ source

Reduces inflammation:

Coffee also reduces inflammation. Studies point more to the caffeine in the coffee that reduces the inflammation, but this still encourages me that my morning coffee routine is doing something good! One study found that in both older men and women, those who drank coffee had fewer inflammatory molecules. In addition, they also had lower blood pressure, healthier arteries and lived past their 90s. I love to think about these benefits as I am sipping on my coffee every morning. 

There are many benefits to coffee, but I specifically choose Peet’s because I love the taste! I NEED that extra half a cup around 3:00 pm. For some reason that time of day is the most difficult for me, and I love to make a nice latte with just a half cup of coffee to get me through. Peet’s Coffee makes it even yummier! 

Pick up your Peet’s Coffee at Publix now! From 9/14/19 – 9/29/19, you can save on Peet’s Coffee Big Bang bags and/or K-cups. Retail price is $10.89 and shoppers will be able to purchase for $7.99 during this time on both products. Plus, did you know National Coffee Day is on September 29th? You’ll definitely want to stock up at Publix so you can celebrate! How do you take your Peet’s? 

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