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Little kids make the holidays sweeter, yet harder all at the same time. Its more difficult to navigate through activities, avoid messes and keep everyone happy with limited naps and all the excitement, but the wonder, magic and joy from their little spirits is worth it all. We really found the Holiday festivities at The Renaissance Hotel Palm Springs to be one of the best Holiday events yet. Each day there were fun, kid-friendly crafts, a Pinterest-worthy hot chocolate bar, tasty and sweet sugar cookies sprinkled with red and green, COFFEE!! and super cute decorations. If your child loves crafts with glue, colors, stickers and sparkles, you have to go every day!

We started on Day 2, the Elf and Santa Hat decorating extravaganza. The elf hats were more than expected, with a little jingle bell on the top. The stickers were exactly what my toddlers need because they were soft, and not too sticky, so they could be used as toys too. The other days consisted of coloring the Grinch and an elf reading “How The Grinch Stole Christmas, candy mason jars and cookie decorating. What I loved about the facility at the hotel was how big and kid-friendly the space was. Mom’s of toddlers are well aware that if there are any non-kid-friendly items in sight, they are bound to get destroyed in 5 minutes. The activities were in a spacious, decorated conference area with lots of room for the kids to run and play. It turned into quite an indoor play area, which we loved!

Then, get this. They have Holiday movies playing all week leading up to and after Christmas for kids. The late-night movies, starting at 8pm are for adults with adult beverages and snacks. Movies this time of year are big for us because the boys get so tired from all the daily activities. Its even more fun to feel like we are going to the theater, but we aren’t overwhelmed by trying to keep them quiet. We also met some wonderful parents and friends that made our celebration more exciting.

It was seriously one of the best Holiday events we’ve been too with kids. What we are really looking forward too is the family-friendly New Years Eve kids dance party and dinner this weekend. They are offering an earlier, younger children dance party and dinner from 6-9pm. That’s perfect because we all know we’re not making it to midnight. We are sold on this hotel as a great place to stay or celebrate when you have a family of little people, and I encourage anyone visiting Palm Desert near or during the holiday season to come see The Renaissance Hotel because your kids are welcome and encouraged to come play.

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