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Do your kids eat their vegetables and other foods that are good for them without a fuss?  They do? No way, how did you do that?… If you didn’t answer yes to that first question, don’t worry you are not alone!  Most of us parents are in the same boat and we want to make sure they get the right nutrition for their growth and development, but it’s not always easy.  We try things like shredding and hiding vegetables in things we make from meatballs to muffins.  

First day Kids vitamins

Kids Multi Vitamins

While that sometimes works, more often at least one of my kids will somehow figure out the slight ‘difference’ they are tasting. A more reliable and consistent way to get the right mix of nutrients into your kids from fruits and vegetables is First Day Kids Multi Vitamins.  My kids love them and they are made from 12 real organic fruits and vegetables that have been dried and turned into a gummy. I feel better that they are getting some actual nutrition when their regular choices are not always the best.  

Poor food choices can be particularly challenging when we are traveling or enjoying summer goodies, First Day Kids Multi Vitamins provides the basics for their nutrition that help them grow, develop, and focus while they are still being kids and having fun!  These delicious gummy vitamins have lots of good stuff in them and no allergens or artificial colors.  The company has a conscience too which is why they provide a reusable container and then refill packs with less waste when you get a subscription.  

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You may be curious why they don’t include ALL the vitamins that our kiddos need. They carefully assessed which ones kids were most likely to be lacking in their diet, and deemed the rest something that likely comes from any number of the foods they might typically actually eat/drink.  They just try to fill the gaps and compliment our diet, no need to overload them on stuff they are already getting!


Women’s Daily Supercharge Vitamins  

the struggle is part of the journey vitamins

I also tried First Day Women’s Daily Supercharge Vitamins – wow, they were terrific!  I’ve had trouble with some vitamins occasionally upsetting my stomach but not these! They are tasty and I had no issues with them, not even if I took them on an empty stomach. It is amazing how delicious these little gummies are since there is very little sugar and nothing artificial in them at all.  I can see why my kids like theirs too! First Day has taken a scientific approach to vitamins and has researched the most absorbable forms of each vitamin and has chosen the ones that provide the greatest bioavailability, for our bodies to be able to absorb and process them the best we can.  

I found myself with a bit more energy, even without coffee! My brain fog was better too, I had more focus and felt more clear-headed, ready to tackle tasks.  While it is hard to get the right foods into our kids, it should be easier for ourselves and yet we still likely don’t get the balance quite right.  That is why I appreciate knowing that I too am getting a good number of the the things my body needs to operate at its best!  

Count Me In!

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I was excited to find these vitamins for myself and my kiddos, they are something I can feel good about putting in our bodies rather than pumping my kids full of sugar and unnatural sources of the vitamins I know they need.  Many other vitamin brands use manufactured sources of vitamins that our bodies can’t even adequately process and therefore don’t do any good.  While I will continue to do my best to get good food and the right balance of Great job First Day for developing such great products, my kids certainly thank you – and I do too! 

If you want to add a no-fight, healthy solution to your kids’ morning routine, include First Day Vitamins and give them a boost! In addition, check out this post about other mom hacks to improve your morning routines!

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