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Landing sponsored posts as a new blogger can seem totally overwhelming. I was able to figure out how to reach brands with a small Instagram account, as well as a new blogger. I made over 10k my first year blogging in purely sponsored posts. Landing sponsored posts can actually be a large part of your income strategy, if you do it correctly. If not, it can be a huge headache with little return on your energy.

Here is why I love sponsored posts:

I am a huge fan of photography. If I had the time, I would study and learn everything about photography. I love styling a photo, taking a photo and editing a photo. A sponsored post gives me another chance to do this. Photography is a HUGE portion of landing sponsored posts, and I give you all my tips and tricks, and how I am my own blog photographer in the course. I also love working with a brand. We get to partner together, to create something great. As a blogger, things mostly solo, which works well for me because I am an independent learner and worker. BUT, this offers me an opportunity to work with other creatives in a much larger industry.

Why you might not love sponsored posts:

Sponsored posts take a special attention to detail and creativity. I talk more about this in the course as well. If you do not like taking photographs, or have no clue on how to take quality photographs, you can either jump in my course or re-think the idea. You can totally take quality photos with a phone, but I highly recommend a good camera because most brands are looking for bloggers with better-than-average photos. If you are eager to learn and get better at your photos, which will also help your blog, then definitely go for the posts. They will challenge you.

Why I don’t have to HUNT DOWN sponsored posts:

When I first started blogging, I read a lot of posts on sponsored posts, and I was under the impression that I had to contact and pitch to brands myself. For my Instagram, I connected with brands by contacting them, but mostly they contacted me. For blogging, I don’t recommend doing this at all. Seriously, the time it takes to find the correct brand contacts, send them an email they WILL ACTUALLY READ, and then get the post is hard. Too much time and energy, don’t do that. In my course, I tell you where I find BRANDS LOOKING FOR BLOGGERS, and how I pitch to them. I give you one of my pitches!

Make sure you have traffic consistently do your blog. One of the first places brands will look is to see how much of a readership you have. This resource is what has gotten me over 200k pageviews per month between this blog and my other blog. I can’t tell you how important that is to landing sponsored posts. Make sure you feel great about a growing readership before you enter into the world of sponsored posts.

If you are someone looking to take the next step in your blogging income, sponsored posts is a wonderful way to go because it adds up quickly, and it is a ton of fun!

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