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I write a lot about losing the baby weight and getting fit on this blog because I’ve gained and lost over 25 lbs three times now. I know how hard it can be to find time to workout, eat healthy when you have massive sugar cravings, or just survive when you have toddlers and babies pulling on you every second. I was able to lose the baby weight by 6 weeks postpartum because it is a habit now. I even wrote a free little book with all my secrets that I would love to give you!

I have had a very difficult time making the most of any workout I can manage. Whether it was at the gym, when we had a membership, or now while I’m running with my jogging stroller (follow me on Insta to see my stories of running with kids!). I was just going through the motions and getting bored. Then, I found this Amazing app, Aaptiv. You’ve probably seen the advertisements, and I was skeptical, because I’ve downloaded apps before and barely used them. Aaptiv offers a 30-day free trial, so I said why not?! If you like it, you can sign up for the year at $99, BUT, they have a New Years Deal right now and you get 12 months for 69.99 until Feb. 1st! That’s $5.80 per month! So, basically you need to hurry and sign up for you free trial while you continue reading.

I’m a few weeks in, and I can’t tell you how much I love it. I actually really, really enjoy it, and my running has gotten so much better!!! You actually have a trainer with you, and let me explain more what that feels like.

Before, I was listening to playlists, getting bored, skipping songs and just getting through my runs with the kids. I never thought about form, pace or how I was running. Now, Aaptiv isn’t just for running. They have some fabulous workouts for the elypitcal, treadmill, weights, HIIT, Yoga and so much more, so don’t let me mislead you in thinking its best for runners.

As I am running, usually with Meghan because she does a lot of the Intermediate runs that are longer than 20 minutes, she reminds me to breath, find a pace I can talk at, keep my elbows close to my side (or one elbow because I have to push the stroller), and put my fore fingers and thumbs together to keep my hands loose. I had no idea I was supposed to be running more on the forefront of my feet. Whoops. If you aren’t interested in running, or the thought of running makes you want to vomit, they have wonderful walking workouts! You totally don’t have to be a runner like me.

As I am supposed to change pace, she describes what that feels like. She explains I need to push forward with the sense of a “car going from 30 to 60.” The details and reminders to breathe are seriously so helpful. She will let me know when to take a deep breath, remind me to run off the forefront of my feet, stay light on the ground and keep my eyes up. It’s really like a coach in your ear, and her voice is very smooth, not annoying.

That’s not all. THE MUSIC

I love the music! Meghan in particular seems to have my favorite play lists, but I loved the Pearl Jam playlist run the other day by trainer Ben. You can see all the trainers on the site, and listen to a sample of a workout, so you’ll see what I mean.

The one thing that worried was that I would cruise through all the good, intermediate runs. I like my runs to be about 40 minutes. Being someone that runs a few times a week, I was scared I would go through them super fast, and be left with ones I didn’t like. Nope!

Each week more classes are added, and I just did a brand-new one by Meghan that I LOVED!! I didn’t get to finish it because I had to pick up my little one from his little Pre-K class (I am always a sweaty mess going there), so I can’at wait to complete it tomorrow. What’s even more amazing is I ran at an 8:36 pace. That’s way faster than I was running before using Aaptiv. I was running around a 9:40 with the stroller. Not now! I am being pushed, encouraged and not getting bored!

I highly recommend Aaptiv as a tool to help you lose the baby weight. The trainers are really good, and you can continue to push yourself and workout harder, without going to the gym, and still get instructions on form, pace and more! The music is motivating, and its much more affordable.

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