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I know what’s going through your mind right now. The beautiful home you’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into now looks like a field of landmines and you’re about to throw everything in the trash! Stop… time out… HOLD UP! Baby-proofing your home IS necessary, but before you wrap everything in bubble wrap, let’s start with some simpler things.

Registry List

A baby registry is your first step in preparing for the new addition to your family. “Are you registered anywhere?” is one of the first questions you’ll be asked once you get to show that baby bump, so this will answer that very quickly!

Most major retailers have a recommended list of things to get for your baby and that’s a great place to start. Consider purchasing an armoire to store things in until you’re ready to start putting everything together and in place.

Many new moms are tempted to shop until they drop right after the ultrasound, but leave something on the shelves and on your list for others to buy! This takes a major headache off your shoulders and frees you up to tackle that after your baby shower. It’s also a way to unleash your creativity and inner little kid!

You can be as creative as you want to be and even bring back those favorite things from your childhood. Find all of those things you said you wanted to have when you had kids! I’m certain that most of those things are still around as several things are making a comeback!

Take a day, grab a friend, and charge the hill, or grab a cup of coffee and your laptop and click away to your heart’s content.  Check out what I missed on my first registry.

Changing Stations

Setting up multiple changing/supply stations around the house helps, too! Don’t balk at the multiple diaper bags you get! Fill them up and leave one in the common areas of the house except for the kitchen. This frees you up to be able to keep watching your favorite show or talking to the friend who dropped by for a chat.

Others who come to help won’t have to wake you when they need to find something for the baby, especially if everything is in the room where you’re resting.

Make things easy on yourself! Less food will be burned, too, because you won’t have to walk that far to get what you need. While those waiting will give you grace, you’ll be wracking your brain, telling yourself that you turned the fire down or off before walking away.


Putting together all the things that need to be assembled is a huge help! Waiting until a week before the baby is born is not always the best thing to do because tiny humans are unpredictable and come when they wanna sometimes.

Car Maintenance

Believe it or not, car maintenance is essential in preparing for your baby. Ensuring that the car seat you choose fits properly is a major thing! You don’t want your winter or summer baby in the heat or cold because the hospital says you don’t have that right.

Vacuum it out and wash it! Fill up the tank. Your brakes need to work. The oil needs to be changed. The air conditioner and heater need to work. You need to be able to open all of the doors. Seats need to be adjusted already. Emergency supplies should be readily available and in the trunk.

Space needs to be made for Mom and baby’s hospital bags. Your car registration, license plate, and insurance need to be up to date. “What does THAT have to do with my baby coming home?” Anything that can go wrong, can and will go wrong, especially in severe or inclement weather! The last thing you want is to be stuck somewhere with a newborn and try to keep both of you calm.

baby climbing stairs - baby proofing

Home Maintenance and baby-proofing

Finally, make sure your home maintenance is done, too. Give the house a good clean or hire a service to come in and do it for you. Replace light bulbs. Install safety plugs where needed. Have pest control come out. Declutter common areas and walkways. Stock up on groceries and other household needs.

Make sure all upcoming bills are paid. Review your insurance coverage and make any changes. This matters more than you think! No sense in staying elsewhere when you don’t have to because these things aren’t done and you don’t want to be home until they are!

Being Prepared

I know some of these are the furthest things from your mind when it comes to bringing your baby home. Preparing for a baby covers more than the usual material things and nuances we are used to — so much more goes into it! As you consider these things and start doing them, you’ll soon see that you will have less stress and worry in the days ahead.

There is nothing more relieving than knowing that you have done everything parentally possible to prepare for your baby’s homecoming! I want you to go into it with JOY and not kick yourself because you know you’re going to be drained due to something not being done.

While I understand that all things won’t go according to plan, I encourage you to do as many of these things as you can starting now. It may seem like overkill to some, but it’s YOU and yours who have to bear the brunt of unpreparedness and that is about as fun as a root canal and open heart surgery on the same day!

On your marks — you have the ideas right here! Get set — plan and delegate accordingly! Go — put your plan into action! The finish line is yours! Both your baby and your peace of mind are worth the fight!

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