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Summer is the time for traveling, and we don’t like to travel without our puppy, Theodore. He is a Cavalier/Poodle mix, so because of his medium size, we can travel most places with him if they are pet friendly. This summer, we are spending months with family in the Seattle area, so our little Theodore had to fly in the cargo area of the airplane.

Basically Theodore was a wreck at the airport, and stressed when he arrived after two flights across country. With me having 3 boys to manage, a new place to adjust too, and helping Theodore, there was really no extra energy for me to work with him, or try to train him out of this stress. We just had to go through it. But, since that expereience, I’ve dont research and partnered with VetriScience® to make out trip home much easier!

How To Get Fido To Calm Down Without Training:

Because Theodore had to travel in a large kennel, which goes underneath the plane, I was very concerned he would go crazy. He is kennel trained for sleeping at night, and when we are away from home, but he is in his home and routine. He is not in a kennel, flying through the air without us in sight. I was able to partner with VetriScience® to try their calming chews, Composure™ . Unfortunately, I didn’t have these for the flight, which I used a prescription pill from the Vet to help him relax. Well, it didn’t work at all. After an hour of checking in and getting him situated, he never stopped barking. Later we had to check on him, and he was still barking like crazy. I wish I had the Composure™ chews because I used them to help him adjust when he arrived to our new location, and they worked really well! He relaxed, wasn’t anxious around new family members, and was able to get used to his new surroundings! Composure™ is proven to work within 30 minutes, which really would’ve saved a lot of stress for the airport for us.

Reasons you can trust VetriScience® for your pet:

  • For over 40 years, VetriScience® has been setting new standards of quality and safety in products for companion
  • They are committed to using pure and highly researched ingredients in products that are safe, effective, and
    developed by vets for vets.
  • VetriScience® is proud to be among the first to introduce the use of integrative therapies
    into veterinary practice, as well as the first company to use glucosamine and the greenlipped mussel in a hip and joint supplement for animal use.

Situations you may want to try Composure™ for your pet:

  • Large get-together or celebration at your home, where your pet could be anxious with lots of people
  • Fourth of July fireworks
  • Moving to a new home
  • Road trip
  • Trip to the vet or groomers if your pet is anxious

Depending on your pet’s personality, the Composure™ chews might be great to have on hand for special occasions, or maybe you have some behavior issues when you leave for work and you need them daily. Composure™ packs come in a variety of sizes on Amazon, and I got the one with 30 chews, which will last us a long time because we don’t need them often. I don’t believe these should be used in place of proper exercise, which is of course the best way to calm your pet down.

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