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Being pregnant is one of my favorite things ever. Okay, not really at all, and I’ve been pregnant three times now. There is a lot I don’t like about being pregnant including the all-day morning sickness (hello permanent hang over), peeing all the time, leg cramps and sweating are just a few. But, I have found there are some great thins you can do to really have your best pregnancy ever. I learned a lot from my first pregnancy, which helped me get through my second and third pregnancies, where I was super pregnant in the hot summer. Let me go over how I’ve been able to have belly-only, perfect (or almost) pregnancies that really went very smooth.

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Establish a Fitness Routine:

This could be as simple as walking daily. It is so important to remain active during pregnancy. Especially if you are working at a desk job while pregnant. This can really cause a lot of swelling (read my unique tips to avoid swelling!) because your body isn’t getting a chance to move and flush water as well. If you have a desk job, make sure you are walking any chance you get. Jump on a pregnancy fitness program, or grab the Noom app to help you find a health and fitness plan that will keep you safe. Your mood, mental clarity and physical well-being will all benefit. I was able to stay positive even going 41 weeks with my first because I stayed active. I’ve also had super fast labors, which totally shocked me (here are 4 more things that totally shocked me about labor!), because I focused on being as fit as possible. Here’s a free 30-day workout plan from Nourish Move Love that you can download and print to get you started!

Dress That Bump:

This is actually very important because they better you feel getting dressed, the more active and happy you will be. If you feel like nothing fits and uncomfortable you will be more likely to stay at home in your husband or baby-daddy’s t-shirts. Dress yourself in quality and comfortable clothes that you can keep for future pregnancies if you plan on having more. Here are some pieces I love :

Dresses were super big for me being pregnant twice in the summer, so that’s a lot of what I wore. On more casual days I wore shorts, jeans and t-shirts like these ones.

I was able to save all my clothes for all three pregnancies that way I only had to buy them once!

Take Bump Photos and Make Memories:

This is something I wish I would’ve done more. I didn’t take as many pregnancy photos as I should have, to remember and savor being pregnant. Each time I was focused on my toddlers or allowed myself to get sick of being pregnant. I even wrote on 6 signs you’re totally over being pregnant and ready for baby. I wrote that while pregnant with my third baby boy. Looking back, I wish I would’ve celebrated pregnancy more because I am feeling like I am totally done with kids, and I may never be pregnant again. Here are some awesome ways to celebrate and savor being pregnant:

Write a Pregnancy Journal: I totally should’ve done this! I started this blog while pregnant, which is a similar idea, and I totally suggest doing that too! Here’s how I suggest starting a blog if you need help! I love The book, Waiting In Wonder: Growing in Faith While You’re Expecting. “A devotional journal inviting women to embrace the spiritual journey that awaits as they prepare for the high and holy calling of motherhood.”

Sleep and Sleep Some More:

Get your sleep on whenever and wherever you can. All possibility of sleep will be gone, and I regret not napping as much as I could’ve, especially in my first pregnancy. Relax, rest and enjoy. It’s an amazing experience!

Decorate and Nest The Whole House:

Have a ball with the whole house, not just the nursery! Take advantage of being pregnant to convince your significant other everything needs to be freshened up! Why not do the whole house and make things how you want them? Do all the DIY’s you can stand because once baby comes, nothing will get done. This will keep you busy and happy, and it will give you something to do in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep. Take time scrolling Pinterest and choosing fun and vibrant colors. It’s a glorious time, and painting, wall-papering and more is the perfect, non-impact workout for pregnant mommies (minus the chemicals of course!).

Get Massages:

Um, why didn’t I take advantage of this more! Every time I asked for one, I got one, so I should’ve just asked everyday. Don’t be afraid to impose because you’ve got a whole baby growing and imposing on you. Get a massage from beau or a professional massage anytime you can!

Laugh and Blame The Hormones:

Lastly, just laugh at everything and blame those hormones. If you paint the nursery 10 times, who cares. Don’t take yourself seriously, and be so, so thankful for the growing miracle in your belly. An attitude of gratitude can do wonders for a tired, pregnant mama.

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