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A car wash is one of my boys’ favorite activities!! It is a perfect activity for summer because they can splash and play, and it isn’t messy because it is just soap and water! My boys are super happy with simple bubbles. For some reason, driving in the soapy water, sending the cars down ramps and playing in the suds makes them super happy!

When I set up my car wash, I make sure I’m using a nice, gentle soap. Because we are in the pool and at the beach a lot, the sun, chemicals and water can make all of our skin dry. The new Dial Complete® 2 in 1 Foaming Hand Wash gives you soft, smooth hands. Even after repeated washing. 2x moisturizing ingredients vs regular hand soap. Kills 99.99% of bacteria* It has 2x the moisturizing ingredients, as well as lots of SUDS!!! The foam is a HUGE it for this car wash, and they loved pumping the foam on their cars. Of course I have a COUPON for you!! Buy the Dial® 2 in 1 Moisturizing & Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash and receive $0.75 off!

Here’s how you can set up a simple car wash!

First, you need lots of soapy, sudsy buckets. The foam from the Dial Complete® 2 in 1 Foaming Hand Wash worked really well for one bucket. I used the Dial® 2 in 1 Moisturizing & Antibacterial Beauty Bar for another station, so the boys could really wash the cars with a bar of soap. The beauty bar is meant for showering, but it leaves your skin super soft, so I like it for our car washes too.

The other bucket can be more bubbles or a fun shaving cream. This can be a bit messier, but THEY LOVE IT! Depending on if you have some on hand.

Then, I made a drying station by taking an old diaper box and cutting small slits to pull rags through. I cut some old rags into strips, so the box would resemble driving through the actual car wash.

The last thing you need is a good ramp. This really makes the car wash fun. I flipped an old tray over, so it was nice and sturdy. I attempted to use card board, but it gets too soft with all the soap and water. The ramp needs to be plastic or wood, or something similar.

When setting everything up, I grabbed a cheap table cloth to put underneath. This made super easy clean up because all the water stayed on the cloth. It was a vinyl cloth, which I just laid in the sun to dry, and there wasn’t water all over our deck. I grabbed this cactus-themed one at Walmart, where I also got my Dial Complete® 2 in 1 Foaming Hand Wash (don’t forget to grab the coupon!).

This is one of our favorite activities!! It keeps them all busy for hours, and my littlest one hops in the buckets after they are finished to play.

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  1. Evelyn Taylor Reply

    When I saw “Car wash” I was not sure what to expect but now I see the whole picture and this is adorable! Thanks for sharing this cute activity.

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