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Meet BaSha, my very first baby. She’s of the furry variety! A Tibetan Terrier that I have had since she was 12 weeks old. We’ve been through a lot together, she and I. She is getting older now and I’ve used several different foods for her over the years. Dry food, wet food, a combination of wet and dry. I’ve seen lot of ads for fresh dog food brands in recent years.

When A Pup Above asked me if I would let my dog try their fresh food diet and give my honest review of it, I said sure! I wasn’t sure, however, if they would convince me that this was in fact better for my dog than what I had been feeding her. They sent me their sampler pack and I slowly introduced it to my pup’s food.

Well, I can honestly say at 15 years old, my dog BEGS for her A Pup Above food! They have really convinced me. She loves it and I can see all the REAL healthy food that is in there for her. The meat and veggies and other good stuff including real broth. That broth is like the secret sauce! She clearly thinks it is delicious and how can I argue when I can tell it’s actually what it says it is? Not to mention my dog’s bowl is completely clean, where before she used to pick at her dry food all day long. She’s a bit of a picky eater, where many dogs scarf down whatever is put in front of them, she will turn her nose up at certain things.

A pup Above sous-vide dog food variety pack

They cook the food sous vide style which locks in all the goodness of the protein and vegetables as well as the moisture, so it’s not dry. You can actually see the green beans, green peas and sweet potatoes in the food! The human grade ingredients are obvious and it looks like something you would make at with a homemade dog food recipes. We tried all four varieties they have and she loved ALL of them. They have fun names like texas beef stew, chicka chicka bow wow, porky’s luau, and turkey pawella.

My husband is not an obsessed animal lover like my daughter and I. Even he noticed that BaSha has been happier and more energetic for her age since she’s been eating A Pup Above. He thought she was getting skinny and she is no longer losing weight because she actually WANTS to eat this food! It seems only right that a dog would crave the high protein content of a food like this.

I love knowing that she is getting food that contains stuff that we could even eat! Their product has more protein, is human-grade food, includes bone broth and non-GMO veggies. I don’t notice her scratching as much, or licking excessively as she has done in the past. She just seems overall more comfortable and sleeps better too. It has the highest protein content I’ve seen listed on a dog food.

A Pup Above back of dog food package

A Pup Above is the best diet I’ve had my precious girl on. I also love that their labeling is fully transparent with a best by date on the back of the food package and you can even look up the source. It is so comforting to be able to read the ingredient label and see wholesome ingredients and real food that I can pronounce.

You’ve probably taken note of the bone broth benefits to humans as it has been all the rage lately. Well good homemade bone broth has similar positive benefits for dogs too. It is good for their joint health, which for my girl at her age is important. It can help with gut health and reducing inflammation. Bone broth can help maintain hydration and even boost immunity, not to mention it does wonders for a dog’s coat and skin. This is probably why I’m seeing less scratching and licking. BaSha has sometimes had a sensitive stomach and that has not been a problem at all on this diet.

BaSha with real dog food from A Pup Above

Even with her being an older dog, I feel like she is safely getting what she needs from such a high quality dog food, for her best possible for her senior years. Most importantly she enjoys it! My only regret is that I didn’t find A Pup Above sooner for her! It’s nice to see a dog food brand created by dog owners for other doting dog parents focused on your dog’s health.

I encourage you to take a closer look at A Pup Above, try your first order in your dog’s bowl and see how great they feel! Human-grade dog food is the future of pet food, our four-legged friends are worth it. Our pets are much more than just the companions that they used to be. Now they are a best friend and member of the family, so let’s feed them like one! While we humans are making effort to eat less processed food, it seems only natural that pet parents would seek a new food for our beloved fur babies too!

A Pup Above dog food with my dog Basha

P.S. A Pup Above is a company with a conscience too! They use 100% recyclable packaging and the ugly produce that might otherwise be wasted because it does not fit the standards for appearance on grocery store shelves. While it may not be beautiful it has the same amount of nutrients and that’s valuable to them because the quality of ingredients is the same! They also keep their carbon footprint small, sourcing locally and using renewable energy in their fulfillment center and where ever they can. I’m so happy to support this business and feed my dog child the best food and trust her well being to A Pup Above!

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