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I wrote about Benjamin’s  birth story, detailing the trauma and full experience  in the hospital. I was also in the hospital  with Jack, but his birth was so different!! Almost night and day, which makes me nervous  for this one to come. Seriously, each birth is a wild card, and I have no expectations  for the one coming. I think overall, Jack’s  birth was  a better experience.

Pregnant the second time around, I was hoping Jack would arrive early. I felt more braxton hicks and noticed more twinges  this pregnancy, which made me think he might come early. He was also measuring bigger than Benjamin by a couple pounds, so I wanted him out sooner! As my due date was just a couple days away, I remember walking through costco, samples in hand, and feeling some sharper cramps. They were interrupting my snack-fest, and lasted the whole shopping trip, but as soon as I got in the car to go home, they stopped. Darn. I new those were super close to the real deal, but they stopped! Another long and pregnant day went by, and that morning, while out to breakfast with a couple of good friends, the baby contractions started coming back. Yes. Come on! They were uncomfortable, but I of course could finish my breakfast  and conversations no problem. Then I got in the car to head home and they stopped again!! Dang.

The next day was due date. Nothing all day. The only noteworthy feeling was while headed out for a stroll through downtown Gig Harbor. It was a really nice September morning, the sun was shining and fall colors everywhere.  I was tired, and I didn’t feel like I could walk as far. Being in good shape and usually walking miles, talking and happy, my mom noticed my energy was low. I figured I just had an off day and moved on. Nothing the rest of the day. No twinges, pangs, tightening…nada, zip. Sad. He is supposed to come today!

I finally laid down, was checking my phone and gonna head to sleep when a cramp came. It was a contraction. Well, hello again! I thought. These pesky contractions have been teasing me for two days, let’s see if they keep it up. Every 4 or so minutes they came. I texted my mom that I was timing them. They got a little worse in a matter of about 30 minutes. I got up and walked around and they got really uncomfortable. My mom was on her way. They got worse fast and she barely made it to the house before I was in her car, and not happy about being in the car at all.

My husband  had our car and all the hospital  things following us. I started dying in the car. Sitting made the contractions harder. They were coming every few minutes, and I told my mom she must NOT stop, I felt the baby move down. Oh holy moly, we have to get there! I struggled to even get into the hospital. I had to stop, lean over and yell and breath every couple of minutes. Checking in was a nightmare because they were getting too close together to provide much information. I would walk over to the desk, give her my name, then run to a chair and lean over and breathe and yell. Then I’d walk back, get through my adress, then walk away again to get through another contraction.

They realized I was progressing quickly, and I somehow made it to the room where they have to see that you’re in labor, ask if you want medication (yes!) And do some blood work. I wasn’t cooperating well, so they immediately  got me something to “take the edge off” which seems like BS to me. We’re too far off the edge at this point. I was around a 7 by that time, just an hour and a half from when the contractions first started in bed. They somehow manouvered me up to my Birthing room, which I think I blacked out or had a contraction the whole time because I can’t remember that part. I made it to my room and thank heavens the anesthesiologist  was there. He got me the goods, and this time they worked!! I could breath again. I went from some kind of horror movie to happy, let’s have this baby mama! I was ready to push, and within a few pushes Jack got a little stuck. He was right there, but apparently  in the chaos  of Benjamin’s  birth, I broke my tail bone (why I never new that who knows) so my tail bone was in a weird spot, blocking him. “You can break it again, just get him out,” I said like a lunatic. Who says that? But I just wanted my baby out  safe, and I was totally numb, and apparently I survived it the first time!

He opted for the standard vacuum, which I didn’t mind at all, and out came my little Jack! He was 7lbs 16 Oz and crying! He was perfect. It was Sept. 16 12:55 am. He arrived just about 3 hours after he let me know he was coming. That, I have to say was a much better experience. I think some of the most difficult  aspects of labor, from my experience and reading others, is the endurance  of pain. It’s a blessing when your baby decides to shorten that duration. It’s such hard work and totally crazy making, that the least amount of time you have to endure it the better.

I’m praying for a quick labor like Jack’s, though I am quite scared it will be too quick. I’m just not emotional stable enough for a natural birth, and I really want to be safe and sound in the hospital  where I actually  feel at home.


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