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Do you know how much laundry we have with two toddler boys and a baby? I can’t tell you how many times I walk outside to find them naked, clothes thrown in the bushes, mud and pool. I wish I could just tape on some underwear and leave it at that. A Tarzan-type attire suites them much better really. Laundry is something I have a very hard time keeping up with. Putting the clothes in the wash is a breeze. Getting them to the dryer in a timely manner is a little more difficult, but I’ve gotten better. Getting them folded to a proper place? Nearly impossible. And sometimes the sheer impossibility is so discouraging.

I look at the laundry pile slowly growing larger and larger, and it seems like this massive mountain I have to climb with two toddlers clinging to each leg, and a baby in my arms. Does motherhood ever feel that way to you? It does for me because I have the big ideas of having the laundry organized in drawers, my business bringing in thousands, starting my running again to pursue races…all these ideas and visions swirling in my mind, which makes the waters seem deeper than they are.

Sometimes, the laundry pile seems larger than it is. After all, its just clothes. They are clean right? Think of all the times you put the clean clothes away? More than the number of times you’ve actually let them sit there right? Otherwise, your children would be naked like mine.

laundry dropps

You know what I do to make the laundry piles in my life seem smaller? I take a good look at what the pile really is. When I take the time to pile it on the kitchen table to fold, I realize its really just a few shirts that all go in the same spot, some onesies that all go together too, and my workout clothes that I never worked out in, just wore. Okay, not so bad, and it didn’t actually take that long to put away.

Laundry piles in our lives can be anything. The bills we have to pay. The job we have to do. The messes we have to clean. The mountain always looks bigger than it is. I combat the mind game by pushing myself to see it for what it is, not what it feels like. I look at the clothes, rather than the pile. I take one bill at a time, rather than all of them. I do my work step by step, rather than thinking about all the work at once.

We as moms, have so many piles that look like mountains, we forget that we are mountaineers! We are meant to climb and conquer with toddlers and babies hanging on our back. We are meant to climb and sometimes pull our husband too. We are strong, capable and built to reach the top, then climb another one.

So, I tackle these mountains by telling myself I’ve climbed it before. I am meant to reach the top, go back down, then climb higher the next time.

I hope this encourages you today, when your laundry pile seems too high and the dishes have been in the dishwasher so long you don’t know if they are clean or dirty. Climb it Mama, you’re a mountaineer!

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  1. Mary Leigh Reply

    What a great post, Katie! I am so thankful to have found you and your blog through Instagram this week! I love this post! “Climb it, Mama!” What a great encouragement!

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