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The holiday session is one that we all look forward to, whether we be kids, adults, or kids at heart. There is something about Christmas that brings a sense of magic and wonder that money can’t always buy.

The concept of an advent calendar isn’t new and you’ve probably seen quite a few of them. Companies such as Lego, Disney, and even Harry Potter have come out with their own fun, whimsical versions of these to wow the tiny tots in your life.

So, what is an advent calendar anyway?

Well, an advent calendar is a creatively unique fun find that allows you to countdown to Christmas. Of course, we know that little kids do this already, but imagine their eyes lighting up when you tell them they will receive mini gifts all month long!

The great thing about advent calendars is that they are a great way to give your children little surprises each day of the month. Starting on the first day of December, there is a hidden surprise behind each day. They are numbered from one to twenty-five.

Handmade advent calendar. Gift bags hanging on the rope. Eco friendly Christmas gifts diy

Kids of all ages will enjoy finding tiny treasures such as min figures, fidget toys, puzzle pieces, even a lego advent calendar. This activity provides a fun distraction for little kids as you sneak away to wrap those sought after Christmas gifts.

Another great thing is a reusable advent calendar.  They often feature beloved characters your family will talk about for years! They often come with step-by-step instructions geared toward helping you to establish one of the greatest Christmas traditions ever.

To make things even more interesting, think about pairing your advent calendar with a family favorite board game. Instead of the space so on the board signifying a move to be made in the game, it could be a clue to what the next advent fun find will be. Or, maybe even a clue of what to do with the object found in the advent calendar’s secret keeping windows.

Yes, advent calendars are secret keepers filled with magic, wonder, and inspiration. It’s the kid equivalent of a pop-up Christmas tree. They are great ways to drum up that fire and desire for the big day itself. Each day’s object can open up a world of thought and imagination that will wow your family for days!

Having that holiday countdown feel is something that will never get old! We count down to everything from our birthday to the last day of school, so why should Christmas Day be any different? With a little bit of thought, imagination, and elbow grease, you can take the advent calendar and turn it into a creative Christmas game that your family will love to play.

But, did you know that you can give an advent calendar as a gift? Yes, you can! It’s a great way to help the expectant parents around you experience both the love of Christ AND the love from you as they may be home alone during this time.

Advent calendar on wooden background

An expectant mama would love to have those same fun surprises for the tiny tot she’s expecting. This is a fun way to give her things both mama and baby will need in the coming days. You can include anything from gift cards to pacifiers to coupons — the possibilities are endless! You can even give her a verse a day along with each gift to help keep her spirits high.

If you’re the type who wants to take care of Dad, you can come up with a unique advent calendar for him as well! Find out what his favorite sports team is and create a truly limited edition advent calendar just for him. If he’s not a sports guy, you can tie it into his favorite hobbies and include some verses in there to help him as a dad. He can have as much fun with an advent calendar as the kids will!

“Well, what if I don’t have that kind of time?”

Amazon is the way, dear mamas!

If you type “most popular advent calendars” into the search bar, you are certain to experience sensory overload due to the plethora of options presented to you! Including lego friends and lego harry potter and a fidget toy advent calendar.

There are religious ones that feature nativity scenes, the stable and manger, stained glass works of art, and more.

At this time of year, you are certain to find ones that have free shipping, which is a plus. You want to be sure to act fast! You’re not the only one thinking of buying one.

One final thing that will make an advent calendar special is reading a part of the Christmas story every day. Matthew 1 has exactly 25 verses, so you could read one at day, even with all of the begets! This is a fun and special way to keep the real reason for the season as an important part of the celebration. After all, there is no one more beloved and favored than Jesus Christ!

This festive calendar can bring wonder and joy during tough times as well. You may know of a family who may need that extra dose of joy and cheer due to life throwing them a curveball. Consider giving an advent calendar as a gift.

Happy little boy takes sweet from advent calendar on Christmas eve

Fill it with different accessories that you have around the house. Or take a trip to the store and pick out a few special things that will make them smile. This one loving gesture just might be what they need to restore their faith in God, themselves, and humanity. Something that seems so small can go a long way in the hands of the right person. Especially when it’s made, filled, and gifted with the right heart attitude.

As this sacred season approaches, may the journey to creating the best advent calendar bring your family closer together in love, faith, and service to God and others. Find a way to be someone’s joy during the holiday season and you’ll get it back many times over!

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