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Today, if anyone is looking for a life hack, then they are moms. Life hacks are creative and simple ideas that make life easier. Once you learn a hack, you will feel that you have been doing that task wrong the entire time. Mothers are always looking for mom hacks to make things easier. These may include things that can save time and/or money, like the best kitchen gadgets for cooking quick and easy dishes for children or family. Then, others are needed for sanity. Being a mother is not easy, which is why every small thing counts.

What Are Some Great Busy Mom Hacks?

As previously mentioned, being a mother is one of the most challenging jobs today. However, some simple mom life hacks can make your life easier; they include:

little girl scared of the dark

Monster Spray

As mothers, we often have our children hating bedtime because they are scared of the dark and afraid that a monster will attack them from under the bed. Thankfully, this trick will help you solve this problem.

When you head over to the supermarket, look for a spray bottle that contains essential oils. Label this bottle as ‘Monster Spray’ and hand it to your children. Let them stray from the room before sleeping. Apart from the peace of mind, the essential oils will ensure your kids doze off quickly.

Labeling Clothing Items

When you have different-sized clothes for the entire family, labeling the laundry is one of the best busy mom hacks. Of course, you do not want to end up wearing your husband’s or children’s undergarments or vice versa. The smart move here is to organize laundry bags with the family members’ initials on each one of them.

This way, when you return from work, you simply need to dump your clothes into your designated laundry bag. As for the washing, simply dump the content of the bag and sit back and relax. With these labels, you do not have to wonder whose shirt you are folding. Additionally, it is a great way for your kids to learn self-reliance.


Macro close up of baby hand with a piece of fruits

According to the census, most mothers look for mom hacks for menu planning. For the sake of this article, let us consider lunch only. You need to take a section of your refrigerator and dedicate it only to the lunches.

Each Sunday, prepare enough dishes for your children and/or spouse for each day of the week; pack the dishes in Tupperware containers. You can also cut up desserts, chips, vegetables, and fruits and add them to individual plastic bags. This way, you will save a lot of time on the prep. Similarly, you can also pre-plan the breakfast and dinner for the week, unless you change your mind, of course!

Cleaning Toys

One of the most searched queries is new mom life hacks for cleaning toys of your toddler. Surely, you would not want your toddler to put the action figures and Legos, which were on the floor, into their mouths. However, washing and cleaning them is not an easy task.

One of the best solutions for this problem is to take a large mesh laundry bag and put all the toys inside. Put this bag into a washing machine and let it run its course; in the meantime, we would recommend that you head out and run down some errands. This is because the cleaning process will be loud. However, this hack is quite effective and will work on all sorts of toys. However, you shouldn’t add toys that have tiny and small pieces.

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personal bin with legos

Personal Bins

As our kids grow, so does the number of things they need. Eventually, your house will become full of such kinds of stuff; rest assured, your house will get messy within no time! One of the simplest busy mom cleaning hacks is to assign every member of your family a storage container or basket. Here, they will drop their equipment, jackets, shoes, backpacks, lunch boxes, and whatever they are holding on to. This way, each member of the family will have their specific ‘landing area.’

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