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I’m feeling like a rock star today because I survived a red eye flight across country by myself. The trick is packing strategically. Moms on the go need to pack for survival both for themselves and their kids.
Here’s what I brought with me that helped me fly solo with three kids under 5 and live to tell the tale!

My first advice is to pack your own mom survival pack. The better mood you are in, the more fun and entertaining you’ll be able to do for your kids. They will feed off of your energy. Packing things to keep you comfortable and in a good mood is one of your biggest essentials. It will transform your experience, put everyone in a better mood, and you won’t spend a lot of money buying things because you’ll be prepared. Keep ready for a fun sweepstakes and coupon too!

Here’s what was in my personal, mom survival pack.

Clear Eyes Pure Relief® Multi-Symptom. I wear contacts and my eyes get super dry at airports and with the plane air. Its so annoying because I want to read and my eyes will get dry and sticky. The Clear Eyes Pure Relief® covers a lot of symptoms. It is the #1 selling brand of eye drops for a big reason. The bottle is super unique. It has a built-purifying filter that keeps bacteria out, so the preservatives aren’t in the formula. This is great for traveling, or busy life to and from schools and activities because there are so many germs in the air! No wonder Clear Eyes Pure Relief® is the 2017 Product of the Year Winner for the Eye Care Category (Based on survey of 40,000 people by TNS). I grabbed mine at Walmart in the eye care aisle. I was able to see/read and work on my phone the whole flight without having my eyelids stick to my contact lenses. That’s a big win for me, and why its a major part of my survival pack. Of course I have a coupon and sweepstakes for my readers! Head to Walmart to grab a bottle for just $5! Valid: 9/1/17-9/30/17


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Candy/Gummies put me in a good mood. I like something sweet as a pick-me-up, and I also use it for bribing. Gummies are fabulous for a small treat, you can find low-sugar options,  and they help encourage good behavior.

Extra charger cord is really important. If devices fail, you can really be stuck. I always pack an extra cord because I’ve had chargers fail on me in the worst times.

Sunglasses not just for the sun. Lets just be honest, traveling with kids puts me in the hotmess category. My hair gets pulled on, I start sweating from carrying toddlers or the baby, we do a lot of walking, and before I know it, makeup is running down my eyes, bronzer is streaked, and there’s gummies in my hair…so some sunglasses really help disguise the disaster happening.

I always have my favorite coffee card. Get yourself a coffee treat when you’re getting to your end. We all know that point, when you can’t tell anymore stories, listen to any more chatter or enthusiastically talk about dirt. I save a sweet coffee treat to get me over the hump and onto the plane, or to the next phase of traveling.

I always have a lot of water with me. If you let yourself get dehydrated then you won’t have the energy to deal with the chaos that can erupt at any moment. Make sure you are hydrating as if you were preparing for a marathon because traveling with kids is basically the same thing.

I also wore tennis shoes and a hat. Just be comfortable. It really makes a difference! I’ve had big ideas of getting a cute travel outfit together. Seen fabulous Instagram mamas that look so put together with their beautiful luggage and super white tennis shoes. Don’t be fooled. I don’t do that, and it’s probably not real. If it is, I need an intervention by one of those moms because it sure isn’t happening here with me!

When your survival pack is ready, then your kids will need one too. Here’s what I packed for them:

Food: Chips and crackers because they take time to eat. My kids will sit still for a bit and take some time to eat the crackers one by one. This gives me a minute to do something while they are still. Other food I pack includes: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and baby food puree pouches. The pouches are a favorite food because you can get your kids to eat fruit and veggies on the go, without having to pack fruit and veggies. Clean and easy for a healthy snack.

Small, New Toys: We arrived at the airport 4 hours early yesterday because our house didn’t have power and air conditioning thanks to hurricane Irma. I opted for extra time in the cool airport, and we survived with some small, new toys to keep them entertained. These were hot wheels (usually around $1) and some action figures I found for 99 cents. These were brand-new, never before seen, so they were excited to play with them for a while, and they were small to play with on the plane. I let them each get a new toy out every half hour or so, that way the newness and fun lasted as long as possible.

Books: I had a new book ready to go, which of course would captivate their attention for a while, as well as some of our favorites. I make the boys sit in their stroller or on a chair and read books quietly at home, which I also did at the airport. It wasn’t perfect, but it did keep them still.

Big Blanket: It got cold on the plane, and I brought a blanket big enough for all of us. It also smelled like home, so I think that helped the boys feel comfortable enough to sleep longer. I also spread this out like a picnic blanket on the floor in the airport, so the boys had a designated play place.

Overall, we took a redeye, so I was able to get everyone to fall asleep after about an hour or so of fun on the plane. I would not have survived the previous 4 hours of airport fun without packing all the items I did. Keeping myself happy really helps me keep the kids happy, so your personal survival kit is so important!

Have any other items you love to bring? Let me know! And don’t forget to enter the sweepstakes to win a trip to MIAMI!!

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