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Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I am a sun-lover, so as Mother’s Day approaches, I’m usually dying to get outside and enjoy some nice weather. I put together a Mother’s Day gift guide that features some items I love, that are perfect for this summer!

First, I have a Bootay Bag. This could be used all year, but in the summer you are wearing breezy, fun dresses, where some nice undies are more essential. After all, their hashtag, #undermatters is so true! The reason I love this is because it’s affordable, only $12 a month! I can do that, and who likes to shop for undies with kids? For me, going underwear shopping with three munchkins isn’t the most appealing. They sent me a pair for March to try, and I loved it! The undies are super cute, comfortable, and a surprise in the bag! Then, you can also add a bralette for just $1 more dollar! Did you catch that? $13 for two pairs of undies and a bralette! I love following them on Instagram because the photos are super fun!

Okay, next is Fun Beach Hats. I chose the Fiesta, Siesta, Repeat hat because obviously, that’s what I wish my life was (just joking, kinda)! I think the hats they offer are so fun, and she offers custom hats too! In addition to her hats, there are the cutest tassel earrings and totes, which I recommend as well!

Now we have some Pom Pom sandals! These are super fun for summer, and they are perfect for moms because they are flat, easy to run around in, and they add a pop of color to any summer outfit! I ordered myself some as a pre-mother’s day gift. Does that count? I told myself it did. I will have some more pics of them on my Instagram here soon! I thought these were super cute too. 

Next, a cute one-piece bathing suit! Here’s the one I have, and I finally jumped on the one-piece bandwagon. I kept seeing such cute suits, so I couldn’t help it! I like this ruffle one too, which is why I grabbed the photo. Did you know that you can now sign up for Amazon Prime for only $10.99 a month? If you haven’t tried it yet, you should go get a free trial!
Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial
I’m in my first month now, so see if we use it. I just bought my suit, sandals, and some home items using it, we’ll see how it goes with other items. I am just now getting into online shopping!

Lastly, I have a cute cover-up! You can’t make it through summer without one. Seriously, if you don’t like being in your bathing suit, a cover-up makes all the difference! They are flowy, forgiving, and still cool. I like colorful ones with pink and blues, and I also linked one similar to mine because I couldn’t find the exact one. I got it at Marshall’s about a year ago, and I have no idea where to get you a link to it!

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