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I have to admit, I’ve downloaded and tried a few different apps, Ibotta was one in particular to attempt to get cashback from my shopping. I never once actually took a picture of my receipts. Life is too hectic right now. Then, I was invited to be a part of the DOSH program, a new cashback app that is simple to use, with great rewards! Think of money back to you, auto-magically…as DOSH puts it 🙂

Let me tell you about why the DOSH app is magic.

The reason DOSH is magic is because its extremely simple, and you get money back for shopping with no strings attached. The app also rewards you for linking your debit card ($5), then it gives you another $1 per additional card you link in the app. You also can link your Paypal account as well. What’s the catch? The app monitors your purchasing habits as basically consumer research. Companies learn about buying patterns, and you get paid. The cashback percentage goes into your DOSH wallet, where it’s stored safely (encrypted system, not on the app). You can transfer the cash to your bank account, Paypal etc. at anytime!

I recently tested the DOSH app by shopping at

We needed some furniture for a rental unit. I opened the app, checked out the cashback offers with Overstock, then shopped through and checked out with Overstock like normal. Everything went through as expected, and I got an extra $25 for making a purchase!

Other Unique Features of the DOSH App.

The DOSH app offers cashback for dining out! When you open the app, you’ll immediately find that the app illustrates restaurants nearby offering cashback for your purchases. The app sorts them based on distance from your location, so you can see what’s close by to eat.

The DOSH app is best for travelers! Here’s where travelers can really benefit, you get cashback from hotels, as well as great rates. You get money for booking your hotels through the app!

The best thing about the app so far for me, is that its super easy to use. The app still is in beta form, so I did notice it sometimes loads a little slow. If you download and start using, just be informed that it will only improve with time!

I am now partnered with DOSH, so you will see me be regularly discussing the app and honestly reporting on how its working for me, and how much money I’m getting back from using it. The partnership they have with Forever 21 is what I’m really looking forward to shopping with! This is a sponsored post, but of course my opinions and experience are honest!

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