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My sister just became a mom of three. She has three girls, and I have three boys, so I couldn’t help but make her the girliest, prettiest gift basket ever. Obviously I’m craving anything other than blue, dirt and trucks. I put together a super simple gift basket for her, and it has some super important items that every new mama would love and need when first getting home with a new baby. Here’s what I bundled up in a basket for her, to help her transition at home. This post contains affiliate links. 

New Mama Gift Basket Guide:

A beautiful gift for baby:

Nothing is better than a gorgeous outfit, hat or keepsake item for the new baby. I got an angel outfit because I’m secretly wanting to photograph the little bundle all dressed up. You can grab one like it from Amazon here, or check out Marshalls where I found this one.

Treats for Mama:

I made these booby bites and packed them in a mason jar, so my sister can snack and increase her milks supply at the same time. I also have my own super quick recipe for Cashew Chocolate Overnight Lactation Oats. They are super filling, delicious and great for lactation. My sister already has some of the items I recommend for lactation and milk supply, and she knows all about the foods I recommend to help recovery and postpartum weight loss, so I didn’t need to include any of those in a basket for her.

A Useful Basket:

I wanted her to be able to use her basket for anything and everything. Baskets are so key to organization, and this basket has a chalk label, so its use can be changed and re-named as needed. Or, she can have this basket be especially for organizing items the new baby.

Grocery Delivery:

This isn’t in my basket, but it’s one of the best gifts to get a new mama. Especially a mama like my sister who has twin girls, who just turned two, and a new baby. Toddlers and a baby is so hard, and going to the store is nearly impossible! Amazon recently launched Amazon Fresh for $14.99 a month. I’m in love with my Amazon Prime membership (Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial!), so I’m super excited about this new delivery! What you do is type in your zip code, and just shop online for your groceries. The prices are actually super comparable, and there’s a Fresh Deals section where you can shop items on special sales. This is such a great gift for the first few months home with baby.

Hospital Undies: 

I happen to have an extra pair from my last birth. I am gifting her my (un-opened) extras. I loved wearing these the first few weeks after birth because it keeps any mishaps from happening to her underwear. They are also super comfy and great for the postpartum care essentials that you need to have. If you don’t have any, you can grab some disposable ones online.

Coconut Oil: 

This stuff is like magic. I personally love it for skin care, to help skin tighten up after baby. It’s great for milk supply and cooking with too. My sister is a big coconut oil user, so I had to get her a fresh jar.


Flowers can boost your mood and make you feel pretty. Birth and postpartum life is messy and icky for a while, so there’s nothing better than flowers, fresh or fake. I personally love fake flowers because they can’t die. Micheals always has a great deal on flowers every time I go.

These are the items I grabbed for my sister this year. I can’t believe I have another niece to celebrate, and I am so looking forward to spoiling her. Do you have any awesome suggestions for a new mama gift basket? I would love to see them in the comments!

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