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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…..when the kids are going to get a million and one toys from friends and family and the parents are going to have to figure out where to put them!  So what are you to do for all of those nieces and nephews who are eagerly awaiting their gifts?  The answer is simple….get them something they will enjoy but is not a toy!  While you might be wondering what in the world that would involve, there’s no need to wonder!  We have several suggestions for gifts that will thrill the kids and give their parents a sigh of relief!


Blank Comic Book For Kids

Blank Comic Book For Kids : Create Your Own Comics With This Comic Book Journal Notebook: Over 100 Pages Large Big 8.5" x 11" Cartoon / Comic Book With Lots of Templates (Blank Comic Books)
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Dr. Seuss’s Beginner Book Collection

Dr. Seuss's Beginner Book Collection (Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish, Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop, Fox in Socks)
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Many kids enjoy reading some enjoy writing and others enjoy both!  If there is one thing every kid has, it is imagination.  Encourage this by gifting books on their reading level.  Obviously, you will want to make sure you are getting them a book that will captivate their interest, so if you are unsure of what exactly to get them, you could ask their parents or even the child themselves if there are any books they have specifically been wanting to get.  One amazing gift is a “create your own comic” book.  These books can be found in many places and come in many varieties.  If you have a young writer, it is a perfect way to encourage their artistic side!  These books range in price but are usually under $10 which leaves plenty in the budget for adding to the gift or for shopping for others.


What if the child you are shopping for is not interested in books?  No worries!  Kiwi Crate is an excellent choice for a gift that keeps giving in more ways than one.

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This awesome company encourages STEM by sending the children boxes of different activities that help them learn science, engineering, art, design, geography, and more.  This is a subscription so if you are not planning on paying for more than the initial box, you may want to discuss it with the parents first. 

If you are concerned about the activities being age-appropriate, have no fear!  When you sign up for the subscription, you will select the age range of the child as part of the process.  Since this company caters to all ages,  you can even gift these to adults and infants! To learn more and receive a discount on your first box, click here!

non toy gift ideas

Perhaps you feel a subscription isn’t quite the right gift.  Yet neither are books.  Another great gift option is a family year pass to a local attraction.  Now, before you think that is going to be too expensive, not all attractions are so pricey!  Museums, science centers, and many other types of places usually have a great price on family passes.  Speaking to the parents you can find out what types of places they would like to take the kiddos and go from there. 

Many museums, zoos, and science centers offer passes that are good at more than one place!  This is a great gift because it not only gives the child a way to learn more about a variety of things, but it also helps give the family something to do to create more and more bonding moments throughout the coming year. Now that is a gift that will be appreciated for many years to come!


Kids Waterproof Camera 

Agoigo Kids Waterproof Camera Toys for 3-12 Year Old Boys Girls Christmas Birthday Gifts Children's HD Video Digital Action Cameras Child Indoor Outdoor Toddler Camera, 2 Inch Screen (Pink)
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If you are looking for something a little more kid-oriented, a camera is a wonderful gift for any age. (As long as they are at least old enough to understand holding it and taking the picture!)  This waterproof camera on Amazon is great for little photographers in the making!  The camera comes with a waterproof case already installed allowing the kiddo to even take it in the pool! 

Because this is a digital camera, the child will get to practice taking a picture, viewing it, and determining if they want to keep it or trash it.  It also means there will not be a million little Polaroids for Mom and Dad to find around the house!  Not only can the kiddos practice taking pictures, but they can also record videos with it.  A great gift to introduce kids to photography and videography, this camera would make an excellent non-toy gift!

Most children love music!  What better way to encourage this love and creativity than by gifting them with their instrument?  While all kids LOVE drums. I can tell you from experience, you may want to check with the parents before giving this particular instrument.  Talking to the child to find out what instruments they are interested in and would like to learn. Then discussing this list with the parents is a great way to ensure all are happy! 

Harmonica, keyboard, Ukulele, drums…..whichever instrument is chosen, there are many places you can find child-sized instruments for beginners.  It is a good idea to either purchase one with an instructional book or purchase a learning guide geared toward the child’s age to go with the instrument.  This way, if they can read themselves, they can begin learning how to play without any assistance from mom or dad.

Regardless of what non-toy gift you choose, it is a guarantee that the child will love having a gift to open and knowing that it was chosen with them in mind!  Kids love getting to rip up all that wrapping paper at Christmas time and the thrill of getting to see what it is inside. 

Part of the excitement is trying to guess what could be in that holiday gift box.  Have fun asking them questions to see if they have an idea of what it might be to keep the little ones guessing!  Next thing you know, they will be throwing their arms around your neck in that excited trying-to-choke-you hug. The kind that kids are known for when they finally get to unwrap that gift!

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