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Perfectionism. A sneaky little B- that looks oh so appealing and attractive, yet causes so much destruction. Its tricky. Perfectionism  can enter your mind in the form of images you create, or saw and pursue. The pursuit, the dream the taste of having the perfect body the perfect nursery decor, the spotless home…I’m sure you’ve jumped in the perfectionism limo at least once. I know I have. But, we forget it’s unattainable. We fixate on the perfect picture in our mind, then hit the ground hard when, after trying and trying, we can’t get there. Something un-perfect, or messy gets in the way.

Did you know that perfectionism is a form of distraction from our insecurities or pain? Yep, it means you’re semi-screwed up. No, not really, but it stems from pieces of your soul you haven’t yet been able to heal. How do I know? I’ve spent over a year doing marketing for a fabulous  psychologist in the Seattle area, and I’ve soaked up a lot of his profound work. He’s a leader in his niche industry, and I can totally see why.

Some don’t struggle with perfectionism as much as others. I do. I naturally have that personality, and  have dealt with struggles and pain in my life, which produces more protective mechanisms like perfectionism. Us mom’s are particularly vulnerable. We want our children to think we’re perfect. We want others mom’s to think we’re perfect. We work hard to make our home perfect…

We’ll let me tell you something…you are perfect, just in ways you may not see.

You are perfect because you know exactly how much peanut butter to put on the sandwich.

You are perfect because your body makes a unique formula of milk for your baby.

You are perfect because you know a pain cry from an emotional cry.

You are perfect because you let your kids watch 2 hours of Sesame Street, so you can nap.

Your perfect because you know when your little one has a fever, without a thermometer.

You are perfect because you have beautiful little tattoos, or marks on your tummy that look like little love doodles. These are perfect because they mark your body’s perfection in carrying and birthing life.

You are perfect because you have spit up in your hair and pee on your shirt.

Your perfect because you exist, you love and your mom.

Don’t let your imagination tell you what’s perfect. You are perfect.

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  1. I love this! I struggle with perfectionism and it is really hard. It seems the older I get, the more I desire everything to be “just right”…but the more I realize how much happier I was before I started feeling compelled to make everything “perfect.”

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