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I’ve had to prepare for birth three times now so I know exactly what postpartum essentials are needed in order to recover and thrive after the baby arrives.

I’ll be honest – I’ve learned a bit more about what postpartum must-haves to stock up on with every baby I have.

These are the postpartum essentials that I never want to run out of while taking care of a newborn baby and myself.

It’s so wonderful to sit at home and just enjoy the baby, and NOT need anyone to run out to grab postpartum items.

I recommend grabbing these postpartum items before you’re very pregnant and tired at just the thought of leaving the house.

This particular postpartum list is just what mamas need in the first few weeks after birth.

The goal is to make sure you are comfortable and happy.

Another thing I did to prepare for postpartum was sign up for a free trial of Amazon Family.

It was one of the best decisions because I was able to get postpartum and baby essentials delivered once a month, on time, and for less money.

It eliminated the need to rush to the store for diapers! The feeling of knowing your supplies will be at your doorstep is WONDERFUL!

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Postpartum Essentials for the Bathroom

Here are the postpartum essentials I recommend to keep in your bathroom:

  • Heavy Flow Pads or Diapers: I actually liked the diaper pads – it was far easier to use them than put a couple of pads in my underwear – they handle the postpartum period perfectly. The best part is that they’re way cheaper on Amazon and, yes, you guessed it, it’s so nice to have your postpartum essentials delivered right to your house!
  • Hospital/Disposable Underwear: These are amazing because you can just throw them away, and they hold everything in. It’s nice to not worry about any leaking or stains, and they are more affordable than ruining your regular underwear!
  • Dermoplast/Numbing Spray: I loved this stuff!! It works so well and is super soothing. I still have some from when I had my baby 14 months ago, and it’s a great first-aid item to have in your cupboard.
  • Witch Hazel Packs: I put these on top of the pads, and they felt so good. Super healing and you are going to want to have a lot! Also great to keep in the medicine cabinet or first-aid kit.

Fitness and Postpartum Recovery Essentials

If you’re anything like me, there is a part of you that wants to start getting back into shape after having your baby.

I collected my favorite fitness and postpartum recovery essentials so that you safely start moving toward your fitness and/or health goals during postpartum.

  • Belly Band: This is a postpartum must-have! It’s so important to use a belly band because your posture has changed dramatically after being pregnant for the last 9 months. Pregnancy has a major effect on our balance and posture, and this will help you stand tall and pull your abs in. A belly band will help reconnect your mind to your abs and encourage you to pull them into where they actually supposed to be.
  • A postpartum recovery program that offers support for moms and focuses on proper nutrition for breastfeeding, weight loss, and healing – this is a total game changer for your postpartum recovery!
  • An ab healing and pelvic floor program – these are some of the first areas to heal and strengthen postpartum (when you can!) and my program has a 3-week Ab Rehab and Pelvic Floor Restore section with videos and a weekly plan to help guide you!
  • A fitness app (this is my favorite!!!) to walk you through safe postpartum exercises. This one has a very special Fourth Trimester plan to help you get through stroller workouts and ease into things again.

Postpartum Breastfeeding Essentials

If you plan to breastfeed, these are my fav postpartum breastfeeding essentials to grab – they’ll help you with your milk supply!

  • Lactation Protein Powder: This is my fav (and the best!) lactation protein powder for breastfeeding mamas. It’s specifically made for breastfeeding moms and helps to increase milk supply, nourish your postpartum body and also curb sugar cravings to help with weight loss! It tastes amazing, and blends really well with just milk or water, but tastes the best in a smoothie. Definitely grab some with code: LACTATION for 10% off your first order.
  • Lactation Bars: These are so yummy and HEALTHY! Not just a cookie recipe or your average packaged cookie.
  • Oatmeal: quick and easy, and great for milk supply!
  • This online resource will teach you so much about breastfeeding. I learned a TON of helpful information.
  • This book will tell you all you need to know about pumping! I was clueless in the beginning but learned everything I needed to know to successfully pump my breastmilk.

Postpartum Must-Haves and Essentials for Mom

Okay, let’s move into postpartum clothing essentials, toiletries, and, of course, snacks for mom!

Postpartum Clothing Must-Haves

  • Extra nursing tanks: Things will get dirty quickly postpartum – baby spit up, your breasts will leak, and then just everyday wear. That’s why it’s essential to grab a few nursing tanks to cover you while the others are getting washed. This is especially important since doing laundry will get harder so get things in numbers so you don’t feel stressed out.
  • Pajama pants: Comfort is the name of the game during your postpartum recovery so don’t be surprised when all you want to wear is comfy pajama pants. There is a lot that goes into the postpartum healing process so give yourself peace of mind by having a few pairs of comfy pants around. I recommend some extra loose ones for the first few weeks because the tighter yoga pants can be uncomfortable.
  • Cute Nursing Covers: Get a few of these! You will want to keep them washed and have one in your diaper bag, in the car, at home, the nursery…it’s easier to have a few because trust me you’ll forget things! Then, you don’t have to take it out of your diaper bag to use if you have company over, or in the car, then forget to put it back!
  • New Socks: For some reason, walking around at home with brand-new socks on made me so happy! All my babies were born in the Pacific Northwest, after fall, so it was super important to always have enough warm socks.
  • Extra Nursing Bras: This is important because even with pads, they just get milky, and you’ll want to change/wash a lot.

Postpartum Essentials for the Kitchen

Many postpartum recovery essentials lists don’t cover the after-birth must-haves for the kitchen, but I’m going to share mine with you because these all made my healing so much easier!

  • Coffee Must-Haves: Stock up on your fav coffee! Amazon has a subscribe and save option. I highly recommend this for new moms, even if you just do it for a few months. I’ve been using it for diapers, and it is a lifesaver. You can do this with coffee, toilet paper, and lots more!
  • Grocery Delivery: This is such a help as a new mom!! Try the AmazonFresh Free Trial – it’s affordable and you will not have to worry about groceries. No matter how much stockpiling you do or freezer meals you make, you’ll need groceries at some point. Getting your groceries delivered means you won’t have to run out with the baby.
  • Your favorite snacks: I’m not sure what snacks you love, but make sure you grab enough because the days will go by before you know it! It’s not fun to be hungry and exhausted as a new mom! I like to have trail mix, popcorn, cheese sticks, chocolate, and fruit on hand at all times.
  • Plastic Plates/Cups and Utensils: Just for a little while. It will help your stress tremendously in the beginning with fewer dishes to wash! Seriously, a great way to go.
  • Paper towels
  • Dish soap/sponges
  • Trash bags
  • Kitchen Staples: This is where delivery will come in handy, but think about some of the items you eat on a daily, or regular basis: peanut butter, jelly, eggs, milk, bread, butter, salt, pepper, cooking spray, or oil…make that list and get double of everything at least, or plan to have it delivered!

Postpartum Toiletries Essentials

Having your toiletries in full supply during your postpartum recovery will make you feel normal. Having a baby is quite the change so making sure your postpartum recovery is comfortable is essential to your well-being, mama!

  • Skincare items: make sure you stock up on your face wash, creams, lotions, and other skin items you use. It’s important that you feel as clean and fresh as possible when you can, and totally not fun to run out!
  • Shampoo/conditioner: Make sure you have enough to last a while, so when you finally have a chance to shower, you aren’t out of one or both.
  • Makeup Essentials: Mascara, bronzer, powder…the basic items you might want to help you feel like yourself. For me, it’s mascara, some foundation, and bronzer to get myself looking like a healthy person after nights of no sleep. It may sound funny but it also helps me mentally since I am doing some of my more “normal” things.
  • Hair Gel for air drying: I love Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Spray. Blow drying moves down on the list fast, so grab your favorite gel or spray for air drying your hair. The sea salt sprays are great for a beachy, wavy look!
  • Nail Polish Remover: I always get a kick to paint my toenails soon after a new baby.
  • Toilet Paper
  • Contact solution/eye drops for tired eyes!

This is the list of postpartum essentials that have gotten through 3 postpartum seasons now.

It’s a wild ride bringing home a new baby, especially the first one as you get used to everything.

Having everything you need is super important, but there’s nothing like Amazon Prime’s 2 Day shipping if you don’t have something.

Totally worth trying it for free to help with your postpartum recovery and while you’re getting used to having a newborn baby to care for – Try the Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial here.

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