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There are a number of ways parents have found to entertain their little ones in the car on road trips over the decades. For instance, one dad enjoyed singing off-key really loud (not very effective by the way – kind of made their kid want to cry to make him stop), another couple constantly fed their kids snacks to keep them quiet (which led to lots of bathroom stops or a very smelly vehicle). All in all, the various methods and ideas are all random and based on individual parenting styles for the most part … until today’s generation of parents. We have at our fingertips the harmonious beauty of online shopping for securing the most enjoyable and affordable entertainment for our children that can be delivered right to your doorstep! How convenient is that? Try as we might, our tired minds simply cannot compare to the brilliance of a categorized search engine on Amazon doing all the brilliant legwork for us in finding the most ideal toys, arts and crafts, or car accessories on the planet. Here’s a collection of some top suggestions for keeping your toddler content as long as possible on your next driving adventure. 

Arts and Crafts 

Kids love to play with classic concepts like water, light, and magnets no matter what generation they are born into! Try some of these creative twists on old favorites for a car trip with your toddler. You’ll have a barrel of fun even when traveling in the dark with the light-up drawing board! 

B. toys Water Doodler Portable Drawing Board 

Perfect travel toys for toddlers and it includes non-toxic color doodle drawing game and magic water pens.

B. toys – Water Doodler Portable Drawing Board – Kids Painting Writing Doodle Board Toy – Perfect Travel Toys for Toddlers Non-Toxic – Color Doodle Drawing Game & Magic Water Pens
Price: $21.75
1 new from $21.750 used

Melissa & Doug Water Wow Bundle: Farm, Safari & Under The Sea

These reusable water coloring books includes four reusable pages and a refillable water pen that stores on the cover, making it a great take-along activity for travel for your little ones.

Melissa & Doug Water Wow Bundle: Farm, Safari & Under The Sea
Price: $17.96
You save: $4.00 (17%) (17 %)
3 new from $17.960 used

DIONRS Large Magnetic Drawing Board for Kids and Toddlers

What I love about this is it is erasable and the dimension is 13 x 16 inches, a perfect size for travel. It includes a pen, a bonus magic water mat, and a convenient handle so, your kid can easily carry it wherever. Plus, it is available in four colors. 

DIONRS Large Magnetic Drawing Board for Kids and Toddlers | 4 Colors | Erasable | 13 x 16 Inches - Perfect Size for Travel or Home | Convenient Handle and Pen Attached | with Bonus Magic Water Mat
Price: $19.99
1 new from $19.990 used

My First Crayola Touch Lights

This mess-free, portable musical doodle board lights up and plays music. Your little one will enjoy hours of doodling while on the road and is a great sensory activity for them.

My First Crayola Touch Lights, Musical Doodle Board, Toddler Toy, Gift
Price: $19.99
13 new from $19.997 used from $15.85


Have you ever wondered how to completely mesmerize a toddler and help them forget they are even strapped to a car seat? Give them a musical toy with sounds, lights, and buttons to push, or gears to pull, and you’ll only hear squeals of delight from the back seat!

VTech Turn & Learn Driver Amazon Exclusive

Your kids’ curious hands will love pretending to drive using the steering wheel toy that causes the cute dog character to move back and forth. Plus, this is not just a fun toy; it encourages imaginative play.

VTech Turn and Learn Driver - Orange - Online Exclusive
Price: $14.88
You save: $4.80 (24%) (24 %)
3 new from $14.880 used

Zooawa Multifunctional Musical Elephant Keyboard Piano Toy

This baby piano toy not only has five keys Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, but also has baby music songs that will keep your baby entertained and also helps improve your baby’s music perception and hearing development.

Zooawa Multifunctional Musical Elephant Keyboard Piano Toy, Educational Learning Toy Machine Gift Set for 6 Months Toddlers Infants Boys and Girls with Flashing Lights Sounds - Colorful
Price: $16.99
1 new from $16.990 used

Melissa & Doug Pretty Purse Fill & Spill Soft Play Set

Your little girls will love this pretty purse fill and spill!  It includes a mobile phone that chimes, a key ring with four removable keys, a coin purse with four countable coins, and a compact with a child-safe mirror.

Melissa & Doug Pretty Purse Fill and Spill
Price: $22.05
You save: $6.50 (20%) (20 %)
7 new from $22.053 used from $16.67

VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

This pretend smartphone will encourage your baby in imaginative play.  They can press pretend apps to hear songs and phrases about the weather, the time, and more. They can spend hours sliding between screens for two modes of play and touch the light-up apps to build their hand and eye coordination.

VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone, Pink
Price: $14.99
1 new from $14.995 used from $10.82

Plush Creations Plush Jungle Animals Toy Set

This is a cute interactive and educational toy for your little ones. They just need to squeeze or hug the super-soft plush animals to hear the cutest lifelike animal sound. Each animal introduces itself and then makes the coolest real-life animal sounds!

Plush Creations Plush Jungle Animals Toy Set, Includes 4 Talking Soft Safari Animals A Plush Elephant Plush Monkey Plush Giraffe Plush Tiger With A Plush Jungle House Carrier Great For Boys And Girls
Price: $28.99
You save: $11.00 (28%) (28 %)
1 new from $28.990 used


For every good book, there is a big smile. For every big smile from a toddler (especially on a long road trip), there is a happy mom. Give them the gift of educational books with interactive sounds, novelty features, or special texture pages to keep little ones engaged and content even in a moving vehicle.

MAMMA Kiddie My First Word Book

Learn while traveling! This book has letters and words with bright colors and pictures. A wonderful way to improve kids’ key skills, such as language skills, imagination, sensory skills, etc. Plus, this is made in high quality and non-toxic fabric that is safe for your baby.

MAMMA Kiddie Soft Activity Book, My First Word Book, Best Cloth Book, Baby Encyclopedia, Holds up in The wash
Price: $14.99
1 new from $14.990 used

World of Eric Carle, Hear Bear Roar

Hours of fun copying animal sounds with your kids. This sound book includes 30 animal-themed sound buttons to press and captivating creatures on each page making Hear Bear Roar an amazing and interactive adventure!

World of Eric Carle, Hear Bear Roar 30 Animal Sound Book - PI Kids (Play-A-Sound)
Price: $9.83
You save: $6.06 (36%) (36 %)
21 new from $9.8344 used from $2.49

Melissa & Doug Poke-a-Dot – Dinosaurs A to Z

Another interactive book you can play with your kids while on the road. You just need to poke the dots as you make your way through the dinosaur alphabet and learn fun facts along the way!

Melissa & Doug Poke-a-Dot – Dinosaurs A to Z
Price: $12.49
You save: $1.50 (11%) (11 %)
9 new from $12.490 used

Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go

This book is for the kids who love vehicles! It features hundreds of clearly labeled vehicles so, expect a day of a fun-filled day of planes, trains, automobiles.

Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things That Go
Price: $6.46
You save: $6.99 (39%) (39 %)
47 new from $6.46116 used from $2.13

VTech Peek and Play Baby Book

What I love about this book are the fun peek-a-boo surprises! It introduces animals through bold pictures and fun interactive features.

VTech Peek and Play Baby Book - Purple - Online Exclusive
Price: $16.32
You save: $1.67 (9%) (9 %)
1 new from $16.320 used

Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Sound Book

“Baby Shark, doot-doo, doo, doo.” Yes, that song! Enjoy singing it again and again with your kids on your road trip along with the other splash-tastic songs!

Pinkfong Baby Shark Sing-Alongs Sound Book
Price: $19.93
7 new from $19.930 used

If it is time for you to be packing up for your trip and hitting the road this week, don’t forget that Amazon Prime is a great way to get all the items you need to be shipped right to your doorstep in time for your big road trip. You’re bound to have a blast touring the countryside, soaking in the scenery, and having less stress and fussing from the little one in the back seat when you know you have a variety of entertainment for the kids on hand and ready to go. Keeping a good stock of “tricks” in your travel bag is a must along with healthy, safe snacks, a cooler with water, bottles, or other necessary items for your sweet little adventurer. Happy Traveling!

Here are other activities to cut back your kids screen time! And, here are some fun ideas to explore the outdoors with your toddler!

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