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Most of my family is way across the country. I am in one end, and they are literally in the very opposite end. My boys and I love to share our adventures and milestones with our families, as well as save money on the go!

I recently made a switch with my cell phone plan to the Walmart Family Mobile $49.88 PLUS Plan Powered by T-mobile! I grabbed a new, LG Rebel 2, which I am loving more than my Note 3! The battery, even though brand new, was not holding. I am so surprised to look at this phone and have so much power left! I’m going over how we share our memories and save money this summer! Scroll down for my favorite apps that help me save time and money too!

Let me tell you some of the adventures I’ve been able to share with my family through video calling on the Facebook messenger because of the fabulous Unlimited Talk, Text & Data Plan which Includes up to 15 GB of 4G LTE† data, then 2G*

First, I was able to video call my mom and sisters when my middle child learned to dive under water just the other day. He is only 2.5, so its a huge step for him! We wanted to share this summer memory with my family, so we did a three-way video call on the Facebook Messenger app. That app works great for us because some of us have Android, and others have Apple. I call my family on this app with the video option almost more than regular phone calls because I want to feel like we are in the same room. I also want them to see the sunshine to entice them to fly down sooner for a visit. Their summers are fantastic, so I think I’ll be able to persuade them more in November.

Second, I could take my family on our boating adventures! The network enabled me to video call family while out on the ocean, and at the island we like to boat too! It’s like they are on the boat with us, enjoying the breeze and sunshine.It is so important that my boys stay close to their grandparents across country, and they can do this showing them all the exciting things they are learning and doing.

Third, I can’t wait to share our Fourth of July experiences coming up! I want to see everyone together back home, as well as share with them the fun, city firework show we have here locally. I want them to see what we are seeing, and experience the fun with us! I also really want to see their celebrations! I just wish we could transport food through our phones. I like to taste everyone’s dishes, so hopefully that feature will be added soon.

Connecting with long-distance family during the summer makes our summer adventures just a bit sweeter.

I’ve been able to save money on my mobile plan, which I can put towards more road trips, snacks and beach toys to keep us entertained. I just bought sparklers and S’more ingredients for this past weekend, in addition to renting the movie, The Sandlot! Anyone else still love that movie??

Apps I Save Time and Money With This Summer!

DINING WITH DOSH: First off, I recently got on board with the DOSH app. I talk about it here, and I am loving the local restaurant feature, where I can search restaurants near me and get cash back for eating out! Its a fabulous way to go when you want to enjoy some summer dining, while earning cash back on your purchases! DOSH is basically a super simple, cash-back app that allows you to store DOSH, or cash. You can keep the cash in your DOSH wallet, or transfer it into your bank account or Paypal. What I love about the restaurant portion is that you can search according to distance from your CURRENT location. This is really helpful if we go to a new beach or park, and I’m not sure what’s available near me, I can just look and see where we can grab lunch and save money! Download the app, sign in with your Google or Facebook, and get started! They even give you $1 for linking your cards!

INSTACART GROCERY DELIVERY: This is a new app for me, and I am obsessed because it’s free two-hour delivery option. This app allows you to chose from a few stores that offer the service near you, shop at all the stores or one store of your choice, checkout and then sit back and wait for them to arrive! I can’t explain how much easier shopping  is this way! Seriously, I don’t have to pack three kids up to pick up, and I can sit and shop while my little ones are sleeping, so I can think. The app also saves your purchase history, so you can order the same items over and over again very easily.

SUBSCRIPTION DIAPERS: I am so happy I finally signed up for receiving subscription diapers. It is such a great way to save time and money. There are so many apps and services out there that offer this! I haven’t gotten too into the luxury subscription services yet, just the necessities like diapers! It was my neighbor who convinced me to sign up for subscription. She did the research on prices and compared all the shops to find the best one, realizing the time and energy in the summer is better spent playing than running out for a pack of diapers!

Why did I switch to the Walmart Family Mobile $49.88 PLUS Plan Powered by T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G LTE† network? Well, it was cheaper and simpler. I was frustrated with my previous plan because there always seemed to be extra charges each month, that I didn’t plan on. I love that this is no contract, activation fees or late fees, and it was the best pricing I could find! And the 15GB is great for all my photo storage needs!

The $49.88 PLUS Plan also comes with a free VUDU◊ movie rental credit that is worth $7.00, and you get one every time you renew! We have been needing some movie time to help us unwind after long days of playing. For some reason my kids get more energy the more we do? Why can’t I ever tire them out?!

I was nervous to switch because I was afraid my previous carrier was going to charge me to end my contract. I opted to cancel my number all together. The cancelling and switching process took maybe 45 minutes! I left with a new phone and number, and the simplest wireless account I’ve ever seen.

Summer adventures and memories are so important to share. We do miss our friends and family across country. We have some milestones coming up later this summer, in addition to the 4th of July that I can’t wait to share with them. My oldest will go to Pre-K in August, and my middle-boy turns three in September! These are the events I wish we could all be together for, but with video calling and photos, its just close enough.


*Please always refer to the latest terms and conditions at

†To get 4G LTE speed, you must have a 4G LTE capable device and 4G LTE SIM Card. Actual availability, coverage and speed may vary. LTE is a trademark of ETSI.

Disclaimer: ◊Limited time offer. Available for lines active with the PLUS $49.88 plan only. VUDU enabled device and account required for digital viewing. Customers must be 18 years or older to open a VUDU account. Movie rental only available in the USA. Free movie rental provided in the form of a movie rental code to the value of a $7.00 VUDU credit. Movie rental code allows for selection from available movies for rent. May not be readily redeemable on all new releases. Code will be delivered within up to 24 hours of the effective account renewal date. Must be used within 30 days of receiving code. Offer is non-transferable. Limit 1 per customer. Additional terms and conditions on VUDU’s website:

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