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Cheeseboards are all the rage for entertaining throughout the year, but they don’t work well for the warm summer months. Cheese go soft and lose their texture in the warm weather, so I have another simple entertaining idea for you – A Pizza Board! These are so simple and fun, yet they offer an awesome way to entertain for the summer. I’m going to go over my essentials for a good pizza board, which includes a frozen pizza because that is so simple! From there, I doctor up the board with snacks, dips, veggies and fruit to allow for lots of different sampling and munching.

As a mom of three boys, entertaining has to be simple, easy and yummy. Freschetta is an awesome problem solver when it comes to fresh, yummy dinner options for family and friend get togethers. I used the Freschetta Naturally Rising Crust Pizza for this spread that I grabbed at our Publix, which you can shop below! The crust is soft, fluffy and delicious!

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Freschetta makes their Naturally Rising Crust Pizza with no chemical leaveners. Which means the dough rises using real yeast. The result is a signature crust that rises in your oven and fills your house with the aroma of fresh baked bread. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, this pizza is one the whole family will love.

If you are gluten-free, Freschetta also has some amazing gluten-free pizzas. Freschetta Gluten Free pizza is crafted with 100% real cheese, flavorful sauce and a delicate, flaky crust that is certified by the National Celiac Association.

Even though Freschetta is a frozen pizza, it doesn’t taste like it at all. I am in love with the flavors, and you can tell they use 100 % real cheese, vine-ripened tomatoes and premium toppings like seasoned sausage and special-recipe pepperoni. Starting with a good frozen pizza is essential. This is what makes the pizza board amazing, and simple at the same time.

I also make sure to add in crackers and a yummy dip for snacking.

Having some crackers and dip allows for some snacking with your pizza bites. I personally love tasting and eating a variety of foods on a plate, so having a few options on the board helps with this. You can never go wrong with crackers, and adding a great dip that pairs well with your frozen Freschetta pizza is the best way to go.

Here are some of my favorite dips: 

  • Red pepper or garlic hummus (pictured)
  • Tzatziki cream dip
  • Ranch seasoning mixed with greek yogurt for a thicker dip that works well with pizza

I always add fruit and veggies too:

Adding fruits and veggies work really well for pizza boards too. Cucumbers dip well with some of the dips I mentioned that I like, and they are a fresh, light flavor that brings out the richness of pizza. Something sweet like grapes pairs well with a hard cheese, that can hold up to warmer weather, or by themselves. I love mixing flavors and giving guests options on their munchies. By keeping some lighter options, guests don’t get too full and weight down by large slices of pizza, and can munch and enjoy the snacks longer!

Slice Pizza into Bite Size Slices:

This helps your pizza go farther, because when you cut it up smaller, guests don’t eat as much at once! They can fill their plate or grab some of the other snacks, and it allows for your pizza to serve more and seem larger! Guests can also layer the crackers, veggies like tomato and cheese or dip into one large pizza snack. I do this all the time, and it is so good!

You can still have cheese, even though it is a pizza board:

I love to have cheese with everything. Even if you have cheese pizza, like I have here, you can add cheese for crackers too. I mean really, there is never too much cheese in my opinion. If you use a harder cheese like Parmesan, it will take the warmer weather easier. I also like mozzarella balls because they hold up fairly well, and go well with crackers, tomatoes and pizza.  Pairing cheese, fruit, crackers, dip and pizza is pure tasty fun for all your guests.


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