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Summer bucket list!  Yes, you heard me right!  What do you plan to do with the kids this summer? 

As summer is fast approaching, and life never seems to slow down, it can be tough to think of something fun to do that either doesn’t break the bank, or that isn’t too complicated or time consuming, but still satisfies the kids’ needs for fun and wonderment in their life. Isn’t it wonderful to have the blessing and opportunity to care for our children in a big way by educating them and entertaining them with all kinds of field trips, excursions, vacations and home activities over the course of their lives? It doesn’t have to cost a bundle, or even take much time to bring a big smile to your kid’s face, or fill their minds with excited questions and curiosity. 

Below you will find a wide variety of sixty five different ideas that may just be what you are looking for to fill the time gaps with great transition activities on a rainy day, or to plan a little getaway that will surprise and elate your child’s heart and mind as you escape to a grand adventure together. 

summer bucket list template sheet

Fun suggestions to add to your family’s summer bucket list: 

  1. Beach vacation
  2. Amusement park
  3. Fireworks on the 4th of July
  4. Real outdoor camping
  5. Indoor camping with blanket forts or a tent inside the house
  6. Waterpark
  7. Aquarium
  8. Botanical Gardens
  9. Ride a train
  10. Ride a bus
  11. Ride an airplane
  12. Ride in a boat
  13. See a parade
  14. Zoo
  15. Children’s museum with hands on activities 
  16. Pony rides
  17. Visit a farm to feed the animals, and see crops growing
  18. Splash playground
  19. Visit a local park and playground
  20. Pool time
  21. Going to watch a movie at the movie theater
  22. Having a special movie night with popcorn and snacks at home
  23. Going to a musical drama at your local theatre arts center
  24. Listening to an orchestra or band
  25. Bounce house
  26. Arcade
  27. Renaissance festival or fair
  28. Puppet show
  29. Magic show
  30. Library activities
  31. Summer reading program
  32. Baseball game
  33. Arts and crafts fair
  34. Farmers market
  35. Flea market shopping
  36. Circus
  37. Baking cookies or cupcakes
  38. Eating ice cream out
  39. Making sundaes at home
  40. Getting ice cream from the ice cream man
  41. Painting on a canvas
  42. Paint your nails like a spa party
  43. Dance party
  44. Karaoke party
  45. Barbecue picnic
  46. Seasonal berry picking adventure
  47. Monster truck rally
  48. Vintage car show
  49. Air and flight museum
  50. Space museum and observatory
  51. Planetarium
  52. Art museum
  53. Go fishing
  54. Ribbon dancing
  55. Play an instrument
  56. Make a homemade parade playing instruments or making a mini float with wagons/bikes
  57. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  58. Play with kinetic sand 
  59. Play with playdough
  60. Make homemade pretzels
  61. Make homemade pizza
  62. Nature walk
  63. Scavenger hunt
  64. Dip and decorate chocolate covered pretzels or pretzel rods
  65. Make your own Youtube video on any topic 

As you can see, the possibilities of where to go, or what to do are literally endless. There are so many cute, fun and active things you can do with your kids to make them smile, laugh and explore their way to endless fun this summer.  All you have to do now is signup to get your bucket list template and start filling it in to create your own family bucket list to execute. Be creative and add lots more ideas of your own to the list, like this one.  Ask around and see what your local friends or family are doing or might be interested in and make it a family conquest to tackle something on the list every weekend. No matter what you decide to choose from day to day, try to pick at least 2 things or more a week this summer, and fill their summertime with laughter, and good times!  These are memories that will last forever! 

summer bucket list template sheet

Download your Summer Bucket List Template now and start filling it in!

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