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Happy October! Halloween is coming fast, and we had some Halloween fun already making these super simple cookies. I’ve seen lots of cookies that look so awesome on Pinterest, yet I just don’t have the time to create them myself, and I prefer to have less-than perfect creations that I can make with my kids, so here’s some super simple ideas for you.

First, we all know I’m not Betty Crocker here, so I started with some Oreo-like cookies, but the off-brand was on sale, so naturally I chose those. I chose these because they are sturdy, making them easier for the kids to frost. If you have soft cookies, they will break when the kids try to frost them. I also used large, square Marshmallows because they have a good base for mummies and monster heads.

I also have little kids, so we can’t get too elaborate here. My oldest is 4.5, so his short attention span is the longest I have to work with. The youngest is almost 1 so he was just drooling and chewing on cookie pieces while watching us create. The 3-year-old liked to eat the gummies and put the eyes on, so that worked out pretty well.

Target has a ton of fun Halloween items in now, so that’s where I headed. I grabbed a pack of small eyeballs, gumball eye balls, chocolate chips, Halloween gummies and frosting all in one aisle.


Naturally these are made my kids, and they needed lots of assistance in order to keep the frosting from spreading everywhere but the cookies. If you grab some fun plastic gloves for the kids, this helps. I forgot to get a photo of those before I threw them away, but it made cleaning up easier. I also wish I got some of those painting aprons for kids. We just couldn’t keep it off our clothes. 

I also just got white frosting and used a few drops of food coloring to make different colors. That way I wasn’t buying big tubs of different colors, and we didn’t use that much.

These were super simple, and it’s perfect if you have some friends over to help decorate! It’s also little-kid approved, so they can make themselves some super fun cookies, without everything being a ton of set up and mess.

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